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12th International Cryogenic Engineering Conference / Bailey, C A ; Scurlock, R G
Quick Acting Pulse Gas Spark Gap of High Power / Lytkin, L.K. ; Pisarev, A.F. ; Pisarev, V.F. ; Revenko, G.S. [JINR-P13-10716]
Big Optical Spark Chambers and Feeding Pulse Generators / Grushin, A.F. ; Egorov, A.I. ; Lytkin, L.K. ; Pisarev, A.F. ; Pisarev, V.F. ; Tyapkin, A.A. [JINR-P13-9745]
Superconducting Magnets in High-Energy Physics: Review / Dyachkov, E.I. ; Zeldovich, A.G. ; Menke, H. ; Shishov, Yu.A. [JINR-P1-10122]
A 500-Kv Pulse Transformer for Driving of a 1-Meter Streamer Chamber / Grishkevich, Ya.V. ; Peter, G. ; Pose, D. ; Ryuger, Kh. ; Tryuchler, K. ; Schwind, A. [JINR-P13-9306]
High Voltage Pulse Generator for 2-Meter Streamer Chamber at JINR, Dubna / Glagoleva, N.S. ; Volodin, V.D. ; Lukstinsh, Yu. ; Kozlov, M.I. ; Karzhavin, Yu.A. ; Kuznetsov, P.S. ; Matyushin, A.T. ; Matyushin, V.T. ; Pak, V.S. ; Rudenko, N.S. ; et al
Current stabilizer for superconducting solenoid / Kiselev, Yu.F.
Novel operation mode of the dubna power-supply transformers / Belyaev, L.N. ; Kalmykov, D.P. ; Smirnov, A.A.
9th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference / Baker, William L ; Prestwich, Kenneth R
14th IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference / Lizama, Lorette ; Chew, Joe
External link: e-proceedings
CAS - CERN Accelerator School : Power Converters for Particle Accelerators / Turner, Stuart [CERN-90-07]
External links: CAS home page Fulltext Fulltext
A scheme for forming high power ion rings in combined static and pulsed magnetic fields / Alexakhin, V Yu [JINR-E9-88-444]
External links: Fulltext Fulltext
RF Pulse Compression Power Distribution Workshop
High temperature asymptotics in terms of heat kernel coefficients: boundary conditions with spherical and cylindrical symmetries / Bordag, Michael ; Nesterenko, Vladimir ; Pirozhenko, Irina [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1966248 (2004b:58040)]
External link: Fulltext
High Temperature superconductivity / Barnes, Stewart E
External link: Conference proceedings e-version

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