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The Potential and Quasipotential Models for Bound Quarks / Mir-Kasimov, R.M.
QUARK STRUCTURE OF THE DELTA (980) MESON / Dineykhan, M. ; Efimov, G.V.
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A Study of the Delta- component of the wave function in light nuclei / Pasyuk, E.A. ; Boudrie, R.L. ; Gram, P.A.M. ; Morris, C.L. ; Zumbro, J.D. ; Matthews, J.L. ; Tan, Y. ; Zelevinsky, V.V. ; Glas, G. ; Kriss, B.J. [nucl-ex/9912004]
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Observation of an ABC effect in proton-proton collisions / Dymov, S. ; Hartmann, M. ; Kacharava, A. ; Khoukaz, A. ; Komarov, V. ; Kulessa, P. ; Kulikov, A. ; Kurbatov, V. ; Macharashvili, G. ; Merzliakov, S. ; et al [arXiv:0902.0715]
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Current conservation, screening and the magnetic moment of the Delta resonance. 1. Formulation without quark degrees of freedom / Machavariani, A.I. ; Faessler, Amand [arXiv:0804.1322]
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Understanding the barrier distribution function derived from backward-angle quasi-elastic scattering / Zagrebaev, V.I. [arXiv:0807.4856]
Ward-Takahashi identity, soft photon theorem and the magnetic moment of the Delta resonance / Machavariani, A.I. ; Faessler, Amand [nucl-th/0703080]
Measurement of the eta ---> pi+ pi- e+ e- decay branching ratio / Bargholtz, Chr. ; Bashkanov, M. ; Bogoslawsky, D. ; Calen, H. ; Capellaro, F. ; Clement, H. ; Demirors, L. ; Ekstrom, C. ; Fransson, K. ; Geren, L. ; et al [hep-ex/0609007]
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Fusion hindrance and roles of shell effects in superheavy mass region / Aritomo, Y. [nucl-th/0609049]
Origin of the drastic decrease of fusion probability in superheavy mass region / Aritomo, Yoshihiro ; Ohta, Masahisa [nucl-th/0509013]
Study of the p p ---> p p pi+ pi- reaction in the low-energy tail of the Roper resonance / Patzold, J. ; Bashkanov, M. ; Bilger, R. ; Brodowski, W. ; Calen, H. ; Clement, H. ; Ekstrom, Curt ; Fransson, K. ; Greiff, J. ; Haggstrom, S. ; et al [nucl-ex/0301019]
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Field theoretical description of the multichannel gamma p scattering reaction in the delta resonance region and determination of the magnetic moment of the delta+ resonance / Machavariani, A.I. ; Faessler, Amand [nucl-th/0202060]
External link: CERNKEY
Extensive high-precision studies of proton deuteron breakup reactions at COSY / Thorngren Engblom, P. ; Bertelli, S. ; Contalbrigo, M. ; Lenisa, P. ; Chiladze, D. ; Kacharava, A. ; Lorentz, B. ; Nass, A. ; Oellers, D. ; Rathmann, F. ; et al
External link: POS
Plasma production and thermalization in a strong field / Vinnik, D.V. ; Prozorkevich, A.V. ; Smolyansky, S.A. ; Toneev, V.D. ; Hecht, M.B. ; Roberts, Craig D. ; Schmidt, S.M. [nucl-th/0103073ANL-PHY-9815-TH-2001UNITU-THEP-01-2001]
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