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CMS expression of interest in the SLHC / Nash, J., (Ed.) ; Acosta, D., E (Ed.) ; Smith, W., (Ed.) ; Hall, G., (Ed.) ; Baden, D., (Ed.) ; Dallavalle, M., (Ed.) ; Bayatian, G.L. ; Chatrchyan, S. ; Hmayakyan, G. ; Sirunyan, A.M. ; et al [CERN-LHCC-2007-014CERN-LHCC-G-131]
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The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR: A Search for Neutrinoless Double-beta Decay of Germanium-76 / Elliott, S.R. ; Abgrall, N. ; Aguayo, E. ; Avignone, F.T., III ; Barabash, A.S. ; Bertrand, F.E. ; Boswell, M. ; Brudanin, V. ; Busch, M. ; Caldwell, A.S. ; et al [LA-UR-13-25839arXiv:1307.7777]
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CMS technical design report, volume II: Physics performance / Bayatian, G.L. ; Chatrchyan, S. ; Hmayakyan, G. ; Sirunyan, A.M. ; Adam, W. ; Bergauer, T. ; Dragicevic, M. ; Ero, J. ; Friedl, M. ; Fruehwirth, R. ; et al [CERN-LHCC-2006-021CMS-TDR-008-2]
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High energy gamma-ray bursts as a result of the collapse and total annihilation of neutralino clumps / Pasechnik, R.S. ; Beylin, V.A. ; Kuksa, V.I. ; Vereshkov, G.M. [hep-ph/0602184]
Towards the two-loop Lcc vertex in Landau gauge / Cvetic, Gorazd ; Kondrashuk, Igor ; Kotikov, Anatoly ; Schmidt, Ivan [hep-th/0604112USM-TH-182]
External link: IMPAE-A e-proceeding
BtoVVana: The Package for analysis of B**0(s) --> J/ psi phi and B**0(s) --> J/ psi K* decays / Shulga, S. [hep-ph/0501207]
CMS physics: Technical design report / Bayatian, G.L. ; Chatrchyan, S. ; Hmayakyan, G. ; Sirunyan, A.M. ; Adam, W. ; Bergauer, T. ; Dragicevic, M. ; Ero, J. ; Friedl, M. ; Fruehwirth, R. ; et al [CERN-LHCC-2006-001CMS-TDR-008-1]
ATLAS: Technical proposal for a general-purpose p p experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN / Armstrong, W.W. ; Burris, W. ; Gingrich, D.M. ; Green, P. ; Greeniaus, L.G. ; Hewlett, J.C. ; Holm, L. ; McDonald, J.W. ; Mullin, S. ; Olsen, W.C. ; et al [CERN-LHCC-94-43]
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Multi-channel search for squarks and gluinos in sqrt(s)=7 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector / Aad, Georges ; Abajyan, Tatevik ; Abbott, Brad ; Abdallah, Jalal ; Abdel Khalek, Samah ; Abdelalim, Ahmed Ali ; Abdinov, Ovsat ; Aben, Rosemarie ; Abi, Babak ; Abolins, Maris ; et al [CERN-PH-EP-2012-330arXiv:1212.6149]
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The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR: Progress towards showing the feasibility of a tonne–scale $^{76}Ge$ neutrinoless double–beta decay experiment / Finnerty, P. ; Aguayo, E. ; Amman, M. ; Avignone, F.T. ; Barabash, A.S. ; Barton, P.J. ; Beene, J.R. ; Bertrand, F.E. ; Boswell, M. ; Brudanin, V. ; et al [arXiv:1210.2678]
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The MAJORANA demonstrator: A search for neutrinoless double-beta decay of germanium-76 / Wilkerson, J.F. ; Aguayo, E. ; Avignone, F.T. ; Back, H.O. ; Barabash, A.S. ; Beene, J.R. ; Bergevin, M. ; Bertrand, F.E. ; Boswell, M. ; Brudanin, V. ; et al
Majorana neutrinos, neutrino mass spectrum, CP violation and neutrinoless double beta decay. 2. Mixing of four neutrinos / Bilenky, Samoil M. ; Pascoli, S. ; Petcov, S.T. [hep-ph/0104218SISSA-13-2001-EPTUM-HEP-410-01]
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Letter of Intent to Write a Proposal for an experiment to be performed at the SSC by EMPACT/TEXAS / Steiner, R. ; Eklund, M.G. ; Forden, G.E. ; Jenkins, E.W. ; Rutherfoord, J.P. ; Shaver, L.S. ; Shupe, M.A. ; Booth, E. ; Carey, R. ; Dye, S. ; et al [SSCL-SR-1155SSC-LOI0003]
Measurement of the Ratio of the 3-jet to 2-jet Cross Sections in pp Collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV / Chatrchyan, Serguei ; Khachatryan, Vardan ; Sirunyan, Albert M. ; Tumasyan, Armen ; Adam, Wolfgang ; Bergauer, Thomas ; Dragicevic, Marko ; Ero, Janos ; Fabjan, Christian ; Friedl, Markus ; et al [arXiv:1106.0647CMS-QCD-10-012CERN-PH-EP-2011-044]
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CMS physics technical design report: Addendum on high density QCD with heavy ions / d'Enterria, David G., (Ed.) ; Ballintijn, M., (Ed.) ; Bedjidian, M., (Ed.) ; Hoffman, D., (Ed.) ; Kodolova, Olga, (Ed.) ; Loizides, C., (Ed.) ; Lokhtin, I.P., (Ed.) ; Lourenco, C., (Ed.) ; Mironov, C., (Ed.) ; Petrushanko, S.V., (Ed.) ; et al [CERN-LHCC-2007-009]
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