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The first experiments at the LHE, IHEP, CERN, and FNAL / Kuznetsov, A.A.
External link: 00438
SANC status report / Bardin, D. ; Christova, P. ; Kalinovskaya, L.
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The role of renormalization group in fundamental theoretical physics / Shirkov, Dmitri V. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1626615]
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What's new with FASTBUS and what's it done in the particle accelerator laboratories / Costrell, L. ; Dawson, W.K. ; Ponting, P.J. ; Platner, E.D. ; Pfaffrath, L. ; Barsotti, E.J. ; Downing, R.W. ; Ikeda, H. ; Nelson, R.O. ; Kolpakov, I. ; et al [BNL-46750]
External link: OSTI
RESULTS OF THE EXPERIMENT ON CHEMICAL IDENTIFICATION OF Db AS A DECAY PRODUCT OF ELEMENT 115 / S. N. Dmitriev ; Yu. Ts. Oganessian ; V. K. Utyonkov ; S. V. Shishkin ; A. V. Yeremin ; Yu. V. Lobanov ; Yu. S. Tsyganov ; V. I. Chepygin ; E. A. Sokol ; G.K. Vostokin ; et al [JINR-E12-2004-157]
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Effective field theoretical approach to black hole production / Bilke, Sven ; Lipartia, Edisher ; Maul, Martin [hep-ph/0204040LU-TP-02-10]
External link: CERNKEY
New software of the control and data acquisition system for the Nuclotron internal target station / Isupov, A.Yu. [arXiv:1203.5242E10-2012-32]
External link: Fulltext
Dynamics of Froissarons in High-Energy Physics / Dubovikov, M.S. ; Kopeliovich, B.Z. ; Lapidus, L.I. ; Ter-Martirosian, K.A. [JINR-D2-9789]
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Poincare dynamical approach and imaginable non-Euclidean bodies in high-energy physics / Bubelev, E.G.
14th Lectures in Theoretical Physics, v.14B / Brittin, Wesley E
4th Session of the Spring School of Theoretical and Experimental Physics
3rd School on Attractor Mechanism / Bellucci, Stefano
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Analytic perturbation theory and new analysis of some QCD observables / Shirkov, D.V. [hep-ph/0105317]
External link: CERNKEY
The Present theoretical error on the Bhabha scattering cross-section in the luminometry region at LEP / Arbuzov, A. ; Bigi, M. ; Burkhardt, H. ; Cacciari, M. ; Caffo, Michele ; Czyz, H. ; Dallavalle, G.Marco ; Field, J.H. ; Filthaut, F. ; Jadach, S. ; et al [hep-ph/9605239]
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