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Search for the QCD critical point in nuclear collisions at the CERN SPS / Anticic, T. ; Baatar, B. ; Barna, D. ; Bartke, J. ; Betev, L. ; Bialkowska, H. ; Blume, C. ; Boimska, B. ; Botje, M. ; Bracinik, J. ; et al [arXiv:0912.4198]
External links: e-proceeding
Critical tests of unintegrated gluon distributions / Jung, H. ; Kotikov, A.V. ; Lipatov, A.V. ; Zotov, N.P. [arXiv:0706.3793]
External link: C07-04-16
Topological characteristics of the 4.1-gev/c/a ne-22 nuclei fragmentation process on photoemulsion nuclei / Andreeva, N P ; Anzon, Z V ; Bubnov, V I ; Gaitinov, A S ; Eremenko, L E ; Kalyachkina, G S ; Kanygina, E K ; Seitimbetov, A M ; Chasnikov, I Yu ; Shakhova, T I ; et al [JINR-P-1-85-692]
Search for signal on percolation cluster formation in nucleus-nucleus collisions at relativistic energies / Abdinov, O.B. ; Kravcakova, A. ; Kuznetsov, A.A. ; Suleymanov, M.K. ; Vodopianov, A.S. ; Vokal, S. [hep-ex/0503032]
Analysis of systematic uncertainties in the study of anomalous behavior of Z = 2 nuclear fragments / Bano, M. ; Glagolev, V.V. ; Kacharava, A.K. ; Kravcikova, M. ; Lebedev, R.M. ; Martinska, G. ; Nioradze, M.S. ; Pestova, G.D. ; Rogava, T.L. ; Salukvadze, Z.R. ; et al [SINS-2121-P-VI-PH-A]
Behavior of T(20), A(yy), A(y) spin observables at fragmentation of polarized deuterons into cumulative hadrons / Zolin, L.
Multiple Particle Production in Pion-Nucleon Interactions / Grishin, V.G.
On an increase of critical current in high temperature superconductors doped with U-238 due to the production of nuclear photofission fragment tracks / Goncharov, I.N. [JINR-P8-2001-27]
External links: DUBNA2 Fulltext Fulltext
TRANSVERSE MOMENTA OF ALPHA FRAGMENTS FROM INTERACTIONS OF NE-22 WITH EMULSION NUCLEI AT A MOMENTUM OF 4.1-A/GEV/C / Andreeva, N.P. ; Anzon, Z.V. ; Bubnov, V.I. ; Gaitinov, A.Sh. ; Eremenko, L.E. ; Kalyachkina, G.S. ; Kanygina, E.K. ; Seitimbetov, A.M. ; Chasnikov, I.Ya. ; Shakhova, Ts.I. ; et al
External links: ADSABS JTPLA
Prospects of utilization of HTSC having high critical currents due to nuclear fission fragment tracks / Goncharov, I N [JINRE899270]
External links: Fulltext Fulltext
TOPOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE 4.1-Gev/c/A Ne-22 NUCLEI FRAGMENTATION PROCESS ON PHOTOEMULSION NUCLEI / Andreeva, N.P. ; Anzon, Z.V. ; Bubnov, V.I. ; Gaitinov, A.Sh. ; Eremenko, L.E. ; Kalyachkina, G.S. ; Kanygina, E.K. ; Seitimbetov, A.M. ; Chasnikov, I.Ya. ; Shakhova, Ts.I. ; et al [JINR-P1-85-692]
Search for a Signal on QCD Critical Point in Central Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions / Suleymanov, M.K. ; Khan, E.U. ; Ahmed, K. ; Haseeb, Mahnaz Q. ; Tahir, Farida ; Huseynaliyev, Y.H. ; Ajaz, M. ; Khan, K.H. ; Wazir, Z. [arXiv:0804.3133]
The QCD critical end point in the SU(3) Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model / Costa, Pedro ; de Sousa, C.A. ; Ruivo, M.C. ; Kalinovsky, Yu.L. [hep-ph/0701135]
The correlations in fragmentation of the relativistic neon-22 nucleus at p(o) = 90-gev/c and the dynamic of this process / Krasnov, S A ; Tolstov, K D ; Shabratova, G S ; Andreeva, N P ; Anzon, E V ; Bubnov, V I ; Gaitinov, A S ; Eligbaeva, G Z ; Eremenko, L E ; Kalyachkina, G S ; et al [JINR-P-1-87-239]
Lowering the critical temperature with eight-quark interactions / Osipov, A.A. ; Hiller, B. ; Moreira, J. ; Blin, A.H. ; da Providencia, J. [hep-ph/0612082]

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