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Hadron Physics in Quantum Chiral Theory / Volkov, M.K.
Regeneration of K0(s) Mesons on Deuterium at Small Momentum Transfers / Albrecht, K.-F. ; Kaiser, H.-J. ; Meyer, A. ; Sachwitz, M. ; Deak, F. ; Guskov, B.N. ; Krivokhizhin, V.G. ; Kukhtin, V.V. ; Likhachev, M.F. ; Salomatin, Yu.I. ; et al [PHE-75-7]
Measurement of the Tensor $A_{yy}$ and Vector $A_y$ Analyzing Powers of the Deuteron Inelastic Scattering on Beryllium at 5.0 GeV/c and 178 mrad / Azhgirey, L S ; Afanasiev, S V ; Isupov, A Yu ; Ivanov, V I ; Khrenov, A N ; Ladygin, V P ; Ladygina, N B ; Litvinenko, A G ; Peresedov, V F ; Yudin, N P ; et al [E12004117] [JINRE12004117]
External link: Fulltext from JINR Dubna
Full determination of the $dp$ backward elastic scattering matrix element / Ladygin, V P ; Ladygina, N B [JINR-E2-96-322] [gr-qc/9610002]
External links: Access to fulltext document Access to fulltext document Access to fulltext document
Search for tensor interactions in kaon decays at DA$\phi$NE / Chizhov, M V [JINR-E2-95-457] [hep-ph/9511287]
External links: Access to fulltext document Access to fulltext document
7th International Conference on Polarization Phenomena in Nuclear Physics / Boudard, Alain ; Terrien, Y
Tensor analyzing power of nuclear fragmentation of relativistic deuterons with proton emission at non-zero angles / Azhgirey, L S ; Yudin, N P [E1-93-51] [JINR-E1-93-51]
Final State Interaction in Neutron Deuteron Charge Exchange Reaction at Small Transfer Momentum / Ladygina, N.B. [nucl-th/0610100]
On nonrelativistic approach to elastic ed-scattering and the dependence on nucleon form factor / Mitrjushkin, V K ; Rashidov, P K ; Trubnikov, S V [JINR-E2-82-156] [JINR-P2-82-156]
Weak nucleon form factors and modified vector dominance / Kovalenko, S G ; Sidorov, A V [JINR-E2-80-323] [JINR-P2-80-323]
Tensor polarization of the forward deuterons in the (p,pd) and (p,pid) reactions / Kopeliovich, V B ; Lapidus, L I ; Végh, L [JINR-E2-80-565] [JINR-P2-80-565]
Factorization theorem for the transfer function associated with an unbounded non-self-adjoint $2\times2$ operator matrix / Hardt, Volker ; Mennicken, Reinhard ; Motovilov, Alexander K. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR2167364 (2006f:47020)]
Workshop on the Pion Form Factor
External link: Conference home page
On non-linear superfield versions of the vector-tensor multiplet / Ivanov, E. ; Sokatchev, E. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1625421 (99h:81213)]
External link: Fulltext
Functional equations for transfer-matrix operators in open Hecke chain models / Isaev, A. P. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR2325925 (2008m:82028)]
External link: Fulltext

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