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Lie Algebraical Aspects of Quantum Statistics. Unitary Quantization (a-Quantization) / Palev, T.D. [hep-th/9705032JINR-E17-10550]
Study of the $\gamma p -> \eta p$ reaction with the Crystal Ball detector at the Mainz Microtron(MAMI-C) / McNicoll, E.F. ; Prakhov, S. ; Strakovsky, I.I. ; Aguar-Bartolome, P. ; Akasoy, L.K. ; Annand, J.R.M. ; Arends, H.J. ; Arndt, R.A. ; Azimov, Ya.I. ; Bantawa, K. ; et al [arXiv:1007.0777]
External links: DURHAM e-proceeding
Unitary Spherical Super-Landau Models / Beylin, Andrey ; Curtright, Thomas L. ; Ivanov, Evgeny ; Mezincescu, Luca ; Townsend, Paul K. [arXiv:0806.4716DAMTP-2007-120JINR-E2-2008-52]
Mesons of the rho-family in the P-wave of pion-pion scattering / Surovtsev, Yu.S. ; Bydzovsky, P. [hep-ph/0701274]
Photoproduction and electroproduction of eta mesons on nucleons and nuclei / Tiator, L. ; Knochlein, G. ; Bennhold, C. ; Kamalov, S.S. ; Lee, F.X. ; Wright, L.E.
Symposium on Meson-, Photo-, and Electroproduction at Low and Intermediate Energies / Höhler, G
Hypernuclear physics with photons / Bennhold, C. ; Mart, T. ; Lee, F.X. ; Haberzettl, H. ; Yamamura, H. ; Miyagawa, K. ; Gloeckle, Walter ; Kamalov, S.S. ; Tiator, L. ; Wright, L.E. [nucl-th/0011022]
External link: CERNKEY
Analysis of the pion pion scattering data and rho-like mesons / Surovtsev, Yu.S. ; Bydzovsky, P.
Overlapping resonances in multichannel reactions / Henner, V.K. ; Belozerova, T.S. [JINR-P4-95-114]
External links: PDGLIV PPNUE PPNUE1 e-proceeding
Binding of charmonium with two- and three-body nuclei / Belyaev, V.B. ; Shevchenko, N.V. ; Fix, A.I. ; Sandhas, W. [nucl-th/0601058]
Probing Delta structure with pion electromagnetic production / Yang, Shin Nan ; Kamalov, Sabit S. [nucl-th/0303064]
External links: CERNKEY MPLAE-A e-proceeding
Nuclear structure effects on Fermi transitions in pion - nuclear reactions / Bennhold, C. ; Tiator, L. ; Kamalov, S.S. [TRI-PP-91-53C91-06-02.1]
External link: CERNKEY
Pion scattering and photoproduction on the trinucleon / Tiator, L. ; Bennhold, E. ; Kamalov, S.S. [TRI-PP-91-54C91-06-02.1]
External link: CERNKEY
The Asymmetry in pi He-3 scattering / Bennhold, C. ; Jennings, B.K. ; Tiator, L. ; Kamalov, S.S. [TRI-PP-91-56TRI-PP-91-86]
External links: CERNKEY SCIDIR e-proceeding
Polarization observables in pion photoproduction on He-3 / Bennhold, C. ; Kamalov, S.S. ; Tiator, L. [TRI-PP-91-92]
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