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First Radial Excitations of Scalar Meson Nonet and the Glueball / Volkov, M K ; Yudichev, V L [E2200143] [JINRE2200143]
External link: Fulltext from JINR Dubna
On the Classification of Nextended Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanical Systems / Pashnev, A ; Toppan, F [CBPFNF2000029] [JINRE22000193] [hepth/0010135]
External links: Access to fulltext document Access to fulltext document Access to fulltext document
Meeting on Geometry and Theoretical Physics / Debrus, Joachim ; Hirshfeld, Allen C
Two and three particle interference correlations of identical bosons and fermions with slightly different momenta in the model of independent point - like sources. (In Russian) / Lyuboshits, V.L.
1st Miniworkshop on Matrix Models, Random Surfaces and 2-d Gravity / Date, G ; Govindarajan, T R [IMSC-113]
Dynamical inequivalence of the structure of the collective subspace in the fermion and boson representations / Kuchta, R [JINR-E4-87-745]
Quantum fluctuations and spontaneous compactification of eleven-dimensional gravity / Nguyen Van Hieu [JINR-E2-85-134]
Covariant three-dimensional equation for fermion-antifermion system ; 2, transformation of interaction amplitudes to a local form in the Lobachevsky momentum space / Skachkov, N B [JINR-E2-81-308] [JINR-P2-81-308]
ADD extra dimensional gravity and di-muon production at LHC / Golutvin, I. ; Sapronov, A. ; Savina, M. ; Shmatov, S. [hep-ph/0502126]
External link: SERVER
Covariant three-dimensional equation for fermion-antifermion system ; 3, formulation in relativistic configurational representation / Skachkov, N B [JINR-E2-81-399] [JINR-P2-81-399]
Boson-fermion representations of Lie superalgebras: an example of osp(1,2) / Blank, J ; Exner, P ; Havlícek, M ; Lassner, W [E2-12926] [JINR-E2-12926]
Affine-metric quantum gravity with extra local symmetries / Kalmykov, M. Yu. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1437430 (97j:83048)]
External link: Fulltext
Janet-like Gr\"obner bases / Gerdt, Vladimir P. ; Blinkov, Yuri A. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR2322293 (2008i:13045)]
External link: Fulltext
Numerical method for solving the inverse problem of quantum scattering theory / Airapetyan, Ruben G. ; Puzynin, Igor V. ; Zhidkov, Eugeni P. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1603527]
External link: Fulltext
Solution of the Schwinger-Dyson equation for the fermion propagator in the quenched planar approximation to gauged Nambu-Jona-Lasinio models / Filippov, A. T. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1162072]
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