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NEW INSIGHTS INTO THE <sup>243</sup> Am + <sup>48</sup> Ca REACTION PRODUCTS PREVIOUSLY OBSERVED IN THE EXPERIMENTS ON ELEMENTS 113, 115, AND 117. II / Yu. Ts. Oganessian ; F. Sh. Abdullin ; S. N. Dmitriev ; J. M. Gostic ; J. H. Hamilton ; R. A. Henderson ; M. G. Itkis ; K. J. Moody ; A. N. Polyakov ; A. V. Ramayya ; et al [JINR-E7-2012-58]
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TRANSMUTATION OF Th AND U WITH NEUTRONS PRODUCED IN Pb TARGET AND U-BLANKET SYSTEM BY RELATIVISTIC DEUTERONS / J. Adam ; K. Katovsky ; M. Majerle ; M. I. Krivopustov ; V. Kumar ; Manish Sharma ; Chitra Bhatia ; A. A. Solnyshkin ; V. M. Tsoupko-Sitnikov [JINR-E15-2008-118]
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Study of $J/\psi\to p\bar{p}$ and $J/\psi\to n\bar{n}$ / Ablikim, M. ; Achasov, M.N. ; Ambrose, D.J. ; An, F.F. ; An, Q. ; An, Z.H. ; Bai, J.Z. ; Ferroli, R.B. ; Ban, Y. ; Becker, J. ; et al [arXiv:1205.1036]
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Status of the experiment on the laboratory search for the electron anti-neutrino magnetic moment at the level mu(nu) greater than = or equal 3 x 10**-12 mu(B) / Neganov, B.S. ; Trofimov, V.N. ; Yukhimchuk, A.A. ; Bogdanova, L.N. ; Beda, A.G. ; Starostin, A.S [hep-ex/0105083]
External links: ADSABS CERNKEY PANUE e-proceeding
TESLA: The Superconducting electron positron linear collider with an integrated x-ray laser laboratory. Technical design report. Part 3. Physics at an e+ e- linear collider / Aguilar-Saavedra, J.A. ; Alcaraz, J. ; Ali, Ahmed ; Ambrosanio, S. ; Andreazza, A. ; Andruszkow, J. ; Badelek, B. ; Ballestrero, A. ; Barklow, T. ; Bartl, A. ; et al [hep-ph/0106315SLAC-REPRINT-2001-002DESY-01-011DESY-2001-011DESY-01-011CDESY-2001-011CDESY-TESLA-2001-23DESY-TESLA-FEL-2001-05ECFA-2001-209]
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17th Annual European Computer Graphics Conference : Eurographics '96 / Rossignac, J ; Sillion, F
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15th Eurographics : State of the art reports / Giertsen, Christopher ; Fevang, Per Anton
Status and physics programme at Nuclotron / Baldin, A.M.
Particle tracking at 4K: The Fast Annihilation Cryogenic Tracking (FACT) detector for the AEgIS antimatter gravity experiment / Storey, J. ; Canali, C. ; Aghion, S. ; Ahlen, O. ; Amsler, C. ; Ariga, A. ; Ariga, T. ; Belov, A.S. ; Bonomi, G. ; BräUnig, P. ; et al
Development of nuclear emulsions with 1@mm spatial resolution for the AEgIS experiment / Kimura, M. ; Aghion, S. ; Ahlen, O. ; Amsler, C. ; Ariga, A. ; Ariga, T. ; Belov, A.S. ; Bonomi, G. ; BräUnig, P. ; Bremer, J. ; et al
The mass-hierarchy and CP-violation discovery reach of the LBNO long-baseline neutrino experiment / :, ; Agarwalla, S.K. ; Agostino, L. ; Aittola, M. ; Andrieu, B. ; Angus, D. ; Ariga, A. ; Ariga, T. ; Asfandiyarov, R. ; Autiero, D. ; et al [arXiv:1312.6520]
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The scalar mesons in decays of the $\psi$ and $\Upsilon$ families / Surovtsev, Yu.S. ; Bydsovsky, P. ; Gutsche, T. ; Kaminski, R. ; Lyubovitskij, V.E. ; Nagy, M.
Quantum Gravity: physics from supergeometries / Cirilo-Lombardo, Diego Julio ; Prudencio, Thiago [arXiv:1309.5207]
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A FEASIBILITY STUDY OF NONELASTIC REACTIONS IN THORIUM AND URANIUM BY THE SPALLATION NEUTRONS / J. Adam ; A. A. Solnyshkin ; M. Stefanik ; V. M. Tsoupko-Sitnikov ; L. Zavorka ; V. Kumar ; Chitra Bhatia ; Aruna Bharti ; S. K. Gupta [JINR-E15-2010-23]
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