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Can one understand black hole entropy without knowing much about quantum gravity? / Fursaev, Dmitri V. [gr-qc/0404038]
External link: PPNUE
Symposium on Experiments Gravitation : Gravitation Frontiers / Karim, E
``Nongeometric'' contribution to the entropy of a black hole due to quantum corrections / Solodukhin, Sergey N. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1313654 (96i:83058b)]
External link: Fulltext
3rd Meeting on Constrained Dynamics and Quantum Gravity / Cadoni, Mariano ; Cavaglià, Marco ; D'Alfaro, V ; Filipov, Alexandre T ; Nelson, Jeanette E
Thorny spheres and black holes with strings / Frolov, V. P. ; Fursaev, D. V. ; Page, D. N. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1919017 (2003i:83011)]
External link: Fulltext
3rd Oxford Symposium on Quantum Concepts in Space and Time / Penrose, Roger ; Isham, C J
4th Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity, pt.A / Ruffini, Remo J
Thermal Multifragmentation of Hot Nuclei and Liquid-Fog Phase Transition / Karnaukhov, V A ; Avdeyev, S P ; Duginova, E V ; Petrov, L A ; Rodionov, V K ; Oeschler, H ; Budzanowski, A ; Karcz, W ; Janicki, M ; Bochkarev, O V ; et al [E6-2002-75] [JINR-E6-2002-75]
Fulltext: PDF
External links: Fulltext from JINR Dubna Fulltext
Cosmic evolution as inertial motion in the field space of GR / Pervushin, V.N. ; Proskurin, D.V. [gr-qc/0205084]
External link: CERNKEY
Midsummer Symposium on Non-Linear Phenomena in Accretion Discs around Black Holes : Theory / Björnsson, G ; Pringle, James E ; Abramowicz, Marek A
Quantum Production of Particles (The Hawking Effect) in Nonstationary Black Holes / Volovich, I.V. ; Zagrebnov, V.A. ; Frolov, Valeri P.
AdS(2) / CFT(1), canonical transformations and superconformal mechanics / Bellucci, S. ; Galajinsky, A. ; Ivanov, E. ; Krivonos, S. [hep-th/0212204]
External links: ADSABS CERNKEY SCIDIR WEBEDS e-proceeding
The Bose-Einstein distribution functions and the multiparticle production at high-energies / Kozlov, G.A. [hep-ph/0106078]
External links: ADSABS CERNKEY NJOPF e-proceeding
Statistical mechanics, gravity, and Euclidean theory / Fursaev, Dmitri V. [hep-th/0107089]
External links: ADSABS CERNKEY SCIDIR WEBEDS e-proceeding

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