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Calculation of the Intensity of the Positronium Beam from the electron Accelerators / Akhundov, A.A. ; Bardin, D.Yu. ; Nemenov, L.L. [JINR-P2-9565]
Search for Metastable States with Lifetimes Greater Than 5-MS in Pb Target Irradiated by 60-GeV-70-GeV Protons / Zaitsev, A.M. ; Kalinina, N.A. ; Kruglov, V.V. ; Kuznetsov, V.N. ; Kulikov, A.V. ; Kuptsov, A.V. ; Nemenov, L.L. ; Pontecorvo, B.M. ; Khazins, D.M. ; Churin, I.N. [JINR-P1-9158]
External link: PDGLIV
Estimate of the Accuracy of the pi0 Meson Lifetime Measurement Over Its Atomic Decay / Vertogradov, L.S. ; Gorchakov, O.E. ; Kuptsov, A.V. ; Nemenov, L.L. [JINR-P1-9181]
Estimate of the Relativistic Positronium Beam Intensity in High-Energy Accelerators / Gorchakov, O.E. ; Kuptsov, A.V. ; Nemenov, L.L. [JINR-P1-9165]
FORMATION AND ACCELERATION OF HIGH CURRENT PIPE ELECTRON BEAM IN MODIFIED LIA SECTION / Arkhipov, O.V. ; Bobyleva, L.V. ; Kazacha, V.I. ; Konnov, G.I. ; Krasnykh, A.K. ; Kuznetsov, I.V. ; Nikitsky, A.Yu. ; Perelshtein, E.A. ; Sidorov, A.I. [JINR-P9-89-613]
The Device to Measure Currents in External Beam Transportation Lines of the DC-72 Cyclotron / Gulbekyan, G G ; Gikal, B N ; Gall, A ; Kalagin, I V ; Timoshenko, G N ; Pachadzhiev, K K [JINR-P9-2002-164] [P9-2002-164]
Fulltext: PDF
External links: Fulltext from JINR Dubna Fulltext
New Formulae for the Radiation Intensity in Tamm's Problem / Afanasiev, G N ; Shilov, V M [JINRE2200034]
External link: Fulltext from JINR Dubna
U400 Cyclotron Spiral Inflector with Beam Vertical Focusing Effect / Ivanenko, Ivan ; Gikal, Boris ; Gulbekyan, Georgy
External link: JACOW
INVESTIGATION OF HEAVY ION ACCELERATION FROM LASER PLASMA AT THE U-200 CYCLOTRON / Gikal, B.N. ; Kolesov, I.V. ; Pasyuk, A.S. ; Bykovsky, Yu.A. ; Gusev, V.P. ; Kozyrev, Yu.P. ; Peklenkov, V.D. ; Uzienko, D.A. [JINR-9-83-416]
Theory of Primakoff effect and the pi0 meson lifetime extraction / Gevorkian, Sergey
A system for beam diagnostics in the external beam transportation lines of the DC-72 cyclotron / Gulbekian, G.G. ; Gikal, B.N. ; Kalagin, I.V. ; Kazacha, V.I. ; Gall, A.
External link: JACOW
Production of high intensity meson beams at the JINR phasotron. (In Russian) / Abazov, V.M. ; Bragin, A.N. ; Gustov, S.A. ; Kutuzov, S.A. ; Mirokhin, I.V. ; Mitsyn, G.V. ; Savchenko, O.V.
Intensity Oscillations in the Relativistic Positronium Beams and their Application for Verification of a Special Theory of Relativity / Nemenov, L.L. [JINR-P1-9145]
On Increasing the Intensity of the Proton Beam Accelerated in the JINR Synchrophasotron. 1. Results of Experimental Investigation on Dynamic Coulomb Shifts Are Presented / Beznogikh, Yu.D. ; Bonch-Osmolovsky, A.G. ; Voevodin, M.A. ; Zinovev, L.P. [JINR-P9-9115]

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