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Automatization of the Measurements of the Proton Energy in the Approximately 640-MeV Beam from the Synchrocyclotron of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems Using the Achromatic Cherenkov Method / Zrelov, V.P. ; Lupiltsev, V.P. ; Luptak, P. ; Shabashov, M.F. ; Janik, R. [JINR-P13-9380]
Total and differential cross sections of the reaction p + d -> 3He + eta at 48.8 MeV and 59.8MeV excess energy / Adlarson, P. ; Augustyniak, W. ; Bardan, W. ; Bashkanov, M. ; Bergmann, F.S. ; Berlowski, M. ; Bhatt, H. ; Buscher, M. ; Calen, H. ; Ciepal, I. ; et al [arXiv:1402.3469]
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Peripheral fragmentation of the B-8 nuclei fragmentation at an energy of 1.2-A-GeV in nuclear track emulsion / Stanoeva, R. ; Bradnova, .V. ; Zarubin, P.I. ; Zarubina, I.G. ; Kachalova, N.A. ; Kovalenko, A.D. ; Malakhov, A.I. ; Rukoyatkin, P.A. ; Rusakova, V.V. ; Vokal, S. ; et al [nucl-ex/0605013]
External link: PANUE e-proceeding
Exclusive limits of Drell Yan processes / Teryaev, Oleg
External link: POS
Spin effects at fragmentation of GeV polarized deuterons into pions with large transverse momentum / Zolin, L. ; Afanasev, S. ; Azhgirei, L. ; Isupov, A. ; Khrenov, A. ; Ladygin, V. ; Litvinenko, A. ; Peresedov, V. ; Pilipenko, Yu. ; Zhmyrov, V. ; et al
Further search for a neutral boson with a mass around 9-MeV/c**2 / de Boer, F.W.N. ; Bethge, K. ; Bokemeyer, H. ; van Dantzig, R. ; van Klinken, J. ; Mironov, V. ; Muller, K.A. ; Stiebing, K.E. [hep-ph/0101298]
External links: CERNKEY JPHGB PDGLIV e-proceeding
The Reaction n p ---> p p pi- from threshold up to 570-MeV / Daum, M. ; Finger, M. ; Finger, M., Jr. ; Franz, J. ; Heinsius, F.H. ; Janata, A. ; Konigsmann, Kay ; Lacker, H. ; Lehar, F. ; Schmitt, H. ; et al [nucl-ex/0108008EHEP-2001-02]
External links: ADSABS EPHJA-C EPJC DURHAM e-proceeding
Differential cross section and analysing power of the quasi-free $pn \to {pp}_s \pi^-$ reaction at 353 MeV / Dymov, S. ; Azaryan, T. ; Barsov, S. ; Baru, V. ; Benati, P. ; Bertelli, S. ; Chiladze, D. ; Dzyuba, A. ; Gebel, R. ; Goslawski, P. ; et al [arXiv:1112.3808]
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The Response of CsI(Tl) counter to light and intermediate mass fragments in the energy range 2-MeV/A - 77-MeV/A / Fomichev, A.S. ; Wagner, W. ; David, I. ; Dlouhy, Z. ; Corre, J.M. ; Lewitowicz, M. ; Lukyanov, S.M. ; Matthies, A. ; Nosek, L. ; Ortlepp, H.G. ; et al [JINR-P13-93-114]
anti-p He-3 REACTION CROSS-SECTION AT 200-MeV/c / Balestra, F. ; Bossolasco, S. ; Bussa, M.P. ; Busso, L. ; Ferrero, L. ; Grasso, A. ; Panzieri, D. ; Piragino, G. ; Tosello, F. ; Barbieri, Riccardo ; et al [CERN-EP/88-83]
External links: ADSABS CERNKEY SCIDIR DURHAM e-proceeding
Measurement of the Asymmetry of the Quasielastic Scattering of 635-MeV +- 15-MeV Polarized Protons by C-12 and Li-6 Nuclei / Nadezhdin, V.S. ; Petrov, N.I. ; Satarov, V.I.
Study of the spectra of fast deuterons produced in the interaction of 670 mev protons with nuclei / Azhgirei, L.S. ; Cisek, Z. ; Krumstein, Z.V. ; Merekov, Yu.P. ; Moroz, Z. ; Ngo, Kuang Zui ; Petrukhin, V.I. ; Ronzhin, A.I. ; Shelkov, G.A. ; Dalkarov, O.D.
External link: SCIDIR e-proceeding
Phase-shift analysis of p-p and n-p elastic scattering at 735 mev / Bilenkaya, S.I. ; Cozzika, G. ; Lehar, F. ; Janout, Z.
External link: SCIDIR e-proceeding
Yield of Radionuclides and Isomers Measured in Fragmentation of the ^{nat}W and ^{186}W (97%) Targets with Protons at 630, 420 and 270 MeV / Karamian, S A ; Adam, J ; Chaloun, P ; Filossofov, D V ; Henzl, V ; Henzlova, D ; Kalinnikov, V G ; Korolev, N A ; Lebedev, N A ; Novgorodov, A F ; et al [E620047] [JINRE620047]
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