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Static and rotating black holes in Einstein-Born-Infeld theories / Cirilo Lombardo, D. [JINR-E2-2003-221]
External link: DUBNA2
Hamiltonian formalism for black holes and quantization / Cavaglia, Marco ; de Alfaro, Vittorio ; Filippov, Alexandre T. [gr-qc/9411070DFTT-64-94]
Thorny spheres and black holes with strings / Frolov, Valeri P. ; Fursaev, D.V. ; Page, Don N. [hep-th/0112129]
External links: ADSABS CERNKEY PHRVA-D e-proceeding
The Newman-Janis algorithm, rotating solutions and Einstein-Born-Infeld black holes / Cirilo Lombardo, Diego Julio [gr-qc/0612063]
External link: CQGRD e-proceeding
Numerical modeling of charged black holes with massive dilaton / Boyadjiev, T.L. ; Fiziev, P.P. [gr-qc/0311093JINR-P11-2002-1JINR-P2-2002-1]
External link: DUBNA
Statistical mechanics on axially symmetric space-times with the Killing horizon and entropy of rotating black holes in induced gravity / Frolov, Valeri P. ; Fursaev, D.V. [gr-qc/9907046ALBERTA-THY-07-99]
External links: ADSABS CERNKEY DOI PHRVA-D e-proceeding
The Integration Algorithm for Nilpotent Orbits of G/H* Lax systems: for Extremal Black Holes / Fre, Pietro ; Sorin, Alexander Savelievich [arXiv:0903.3771]
External link:
Charge without charge, regular spherically symmetric solutions and the Einstein-Born-Infeld theory / Cirilo Lombardo, D.J. [arXiv:0906.3636]
Conference on Asymptotic Behavior of Mass and Spacetime Geometry / Flaherty, Francis J
On one loop quantum corrections to the thermodynamics of charged black holes / Frolov, Valeri P. ; Israel, Werner ; Solodukhin, Sergei N. [hep-th/9602105ALBERTA-THY-06-96]
External links: ADSABS PHRVA-D e-proceeding
Integrable low dimensional models for black holes and cosmologies from high dimensional theories / de Alfaro, Vittorio ; Filippov, A.T. [hep-th/0504101]
Conical singularity and quantum corrections to the entropy of a black hole / Solodukhin, Sergey N. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1313653 (96i:83058a)]
External link: Fulltext
Integrable low dimensional theories describing high dimensional branes, black holes and cosmologies / Filippov, A.T. ; de Alfaro, Vittorio [hep-th/0307269]
Workshop on Internal Structure of Black Holes and Space-Time Singularities / Burko, L M ; Ori, A
Black holes with polyhedral multistring configurations / Frolov, Valeri P. ; Fursaev, D.V. [hep-th/0101138]
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