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Principle possibility of shaping a scanned proton beam for application in radiation therapy at the JINR LNP phasotron / Morozov, N.A. ; Savchenko, O.V. [JINR-P9-2005-58]
External link: DUBNA
Choosing the power-supply system and construction of the extraction kicker magnet of the NICA booster / Alexandrov, V.S. ; Gorbachev, E.V. ; Tuzikov, A.V. ; Fateev, A.A.
Microdosimetric characteristics of the clinical proton beams at the JINR phasotron, Dubna / Vlcek, B. ; Molokanov, A.G. ; Spurny, F. [JINR-P16-2002-72]
Fulltext: PDF
External links: DUBNA2 Fulltext
Physical aspects of an electronuclear setup on the basis of the subcritical zone of the IBR-30 reactor and the 660-MeV proton phasotron / Barashenkov, V.S. [JINR-P2-98-74]
External link: FERMILABOTHER
Induced radioactivity of the septum magnet of the beam slow extraction at the Nuclotron / Astapov, A.A. ; Bamblevsky, V.P. ; Zaitsev, L.N.
External link: JACOW
Dosimetry of medical proton beams at the JINR phasotron in Dubna / Kovar, I. ; Molokanov, A.G. ; Mytsin, G.V. ; Spurny, F. ; Wagner, R. ; Zorin, V.P. [JINR-E16-93-310]
Search for prompt neutrinos from absorption of a proton beam by iron in the IHEP-JINR neutrino detector / Blumlein, J. ; Brunner, J. ; Grabosch, H. ; Lanius, P. ; Nowak, S. ; Retfeld, K. ; Ryseck, E. ; Walter, M. ; Kiss, D. ; Yaki, Z. ; et al
FORMING AND STUDY OF THERAPEUTIC PROTON BEAMS ON DESIGNED PHASOTRON AT THE LABORATORY OF NUCLEAR PROBLEMS, JINR / Abazov, V.M. ; Gustov, S.A. ; Zorin, V.P. ; Kutuzov, S.A. ; Mirokhin, I.V. ; Mitsyn, G.V. ; Molokanov, A.G. ; Savchenko, O.V. ; Filimonov, A.V. [JINR-P9-86-648]
An Apparatus and Organization of Heating Power Supply Systems of Hydrogen Generator in Tg11-2500/50 Thyratrons Applied in Silund Type Accelerators / Minashkin, V.F. [JINR-9-83-896]
SPALLATION REACTIONS IN IRON AND ALUMINUM INDUCED BY PI- MESONS OF ENERGIES 89-MeV, 160-MeV AND 288-MeV. (IN RUSSIAN) / Gorin, V.d. ; Demyanov, A.v. ; Lavrukhina, A.k. ; Malyshev, V.v. ; Roganov, V.s. ; Ustinova, G.k.
Two Crate System in CAMAC Standard for Intercyclic Corrections of Slow Ejection Beam / Volkov, V.I. ; Eliseeva, N.A. ; Kolpakov, I.F. ; Kryachko, A.P. ; Nikityuk, N.M. ; Smirnov, V.A. ; Khoshenko, A.N.
Magnetic Field Simulation for CyclotronInjector of the JINR Phasotron / Vorojtsov, A S ; Sorojtsov, S B ; Alenitsky, Yu G ; Zaplatin, N L ; Onishchenko, L M ; Glazov, A A [JINRP92001194] [P92001194]
External link: Fulltext from JINR Dubna
Longitudinal Beam Space Charge Effects in the CyclotronInjector of the JINR Phasotron / Vorojtsov, A S ; Vorojtsov, S B ; Onishchenko, L M ; Glazov, A A [JINRP92001195] [P92001195]
External link: Fulltext from JINR Dubna
A system for stabilizing the spectrometer channel of a cerenkov counter / Kramarenko, V A ; Khachaturian, M N [CERN-TRANS-INT-72-2] [JINR-P13-60-88]
6th European Conference on Power Quality

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