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Spin-parity analysis of the final state pi+ pi- pi0 from anti-p p annihilation at rest in hydrogen targets at three densities / Bertin, A. ; Bruschi, M. ; Capponi, M. ; Collamati, A. ; Damiani, C. ; De Castro, S. ; Dona, R. ; Ferretti, A. ; Filippi, L. ; Galli, D. ; et al
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Results of spin-parity analysis of anti-p p --> pi+ pi- pi0 annihilation at rest from different density hydrogen targets / Benedettini, A. ; Bertin, A. ; Bruschi, M. ; Capponi, M. ; Collamati, A. ; Damiani, C. ; D'Antone, I. ; De Castro, S. ; Dona, R. ; Ferretti, A. ; et al
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Measurement of the eta(1440) ---> K+- K0(L) pi-+ production rates from anti-p p annihilation at rest at three different hydrogen target densities / Bertin, A. ; Bruschi, M. ; Capponi, M. ; De Castro, S. ; Ferretti, A. ; Galli, D. ; Giacobbe, B. ; Marconi, U. ; Piccinini, M. ; Semprini-Cesari, N. ; et al
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Study of isomeric ratios of proton nucleus cross-sections on tin isotopes / Aleksandrian, V.E. ; Ivazian, G.S. ; Balabekian, A.R. ; Danagulian, A.S. ; Kalinnikov, V.G. ; Stegailov, V.I. ; Frana, J.
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Correlated Lambda d pairs from the K-(stop) A ---> Lambda d A-prime reaction / Agnello, M. ; Beer, G. ; Benussi, L. ; Bertani, M. ; Bhang, H.C. ; Bianco, S. ; Bonomi, G. ; Botta, E. ; Bregant, M. ; Bressani, T. ; et al [arXiv:0708.3614]
Muon capture in Ar-40. Muon life-time and isotope yields / Klinskih, A. ; Egorov, V. ; Shirchenko, M. ; Zinatulina, D.
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Measurement of the vapor pressure dependence of protium and deuterium mixtures and the temperature effect in the liquid hydrogen isotope mixtures / Grebinnik, V.G. ; Demin, D.L. ; Zinov, V.G. [JINR-P8-95-480]
Formation of light isotopes by protons and deuterons of 3.65- GeV/nucleon on separated tin isotopes / Balabekyan, A.R. ; Danagulyan, A.S. ; Drnoyan, J.R. ; Hovhannisyan, G.H. ; Adam, J. ; Kalinnikov, V.G. ; Krivopustov, M.I. ; Pronskikh, V.S. ; Stegailov, V.I. ; Solnyshkin, A.A. ; et al [nucl-ex/0506024LA-UR-05-4676]
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Measurement of the frequency of the annihilation reaction anti-p p ---> pi0 pi0 at rest in a NTP hydrogen target / Agnello, M. ; Andrighetto, A. ; Balestra, F. ; Bendiscioli, G. ; Bertin, A. ; Boccaccio, P. ; Botta, E. ; Bressani, T. ; Bruschi, M. ; Bussa, M.P. ; et al
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5th International Workshop on Hydrogen Isotopes in Solids / Bergsaker, H ; Emmoth, B
Transverse cross-section in O-16 p interactions at 3.1-A/GeV/c and isotope composition of two charge fragments / Botvina, A.S. ; Buzdavina, N.A. ; Wislicki, W. ; Gaitinov, A.Sh. ; Glagolev, V.V. ; Gulamov, K.G. ; Ilinov, A.S. ; Ivanov, V.G. ; Kacharava, A.K. ; Kolenko, A.P. ; et al [JINR-P1-92-45]
Spallation of nickel and copper isotopes induced by 3.65-GeV protons. (In Russian) / Kozma, P. ; Ilyushchenko, V.I. ; Gnatowicz, V.
Fragmentation of Relativistic Heavy Ions / Lukyanov, V.K. ; Panebrattsev, Yu.A. ; Titov, A.I. [JINR-E2-9089]

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