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On efficiency of critical component method for solving degenerate and ill posed systems of linear algebraic equations / Emel'yanenko, G.A. ; Emelianenko, M.G. ; Rakhmonov, T.T. ; Dushanov, E.B. ; Konovalova, G.Yu. [JINR-E11-98-302]
External link: CERNKEY
Three-body configuration space calculations with hard core potentials / Kolganova, E.A. ; Motovilov, A.K. ; Sofianos, S.A. [physics/9612012UNISA-NP-96-18]
External link: ADSABS
PEN: A Sensitive search for non-(V-A) weak processes / Pocanic, D. ; Alonzi, L.P. ; Baranov, V.A. ; Bertl, W. ; Bychkov, M. ; Bystritsky, Yu.M. ; Frlez, E. ; Kalinnikov, V.A. ; Khomutov, N.V. ; Korenchenko, A.S. ; et al [arXiv:0909.4360]
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Cross section of the processes e+ + e- ---> e+ + e-(gamma), ---> pi+ + pi-(gamma), mu+ + mu-(gamma), gamma + gamma(gamma) in the energy region 200-MeV <= 2E <= 3-GeV / Kuraev, E.A. ; Ahmadov, A.I. ; Panov, S.N. ; Tomasi-Gustafsson, E. [arXiv:0807.1588IRFU-08-110]
External links: e-proceeding
Bootstrap and jackknife solving of linear equation system for experimental data processing / Blagoev, A ; Mishonov, T M ; Kovatchev, S ; Pilosof, N [JINR-E5-88-463]
High precision study of K+- ---> 3 pi+- decays by NA48/2 / Goudzovski, Evgueni [hep-ex/0610063]
External link: C06-09-16.1
Deep inside the pion: Reconciling QCD theory with data / Bakulev, A.P. ; Mikhailov, S.V. ; Stefanis, N.G. [hep-ph/0410138RUB-TPII-09-04]
External links: ADSABS ANPYA DOI e-proceeding
Search for direct CP-violation in K+- ---> 3pi decays by NA48/2 / Balev, Spasimir [arXiv:0705.4180]
High precision STRAW tube chamber with cathode readout / Bychkov, V.N. ; Golutvin, I.A. ; Ershov, Yu.V. ; Zubarev, E.V. ; Ivanov, A.B. ; Lysyakov, V.N. ; Makhankov, A.V. ; Movchan, S.A. ; Peshekhonov, V.D. ; Preda, T. [JINR-E1-92-199]
External links: DOI SCIDIR e-proceeding
Quark determinant in domain - like gluon fields / Kalloniatis, A.C. ; Nedelko, S.N. [hep-ph/0310306WQCD-2003-012]
External link: ECONF
Coordinate accuracy of mini-drift tubes in detection of an induced signal / Abazov, V.M. ; Alexeev, G.D. ; Davydov, Yu.I. ; Malyshev, V.L. ; Piskun, A.A. ; Tokmenin, V.V.
Micropattern gas coordinate detector / Shafranov, M.D.
External link: PPNUE
The numerical multidimensional approximation for the fast solving of equations describing charged particle motion in inhomogeneous magnetic fields / Akishin, P G [JINR-P11-2002-291]
External links: fulltext fulltext
Simple relations among E2 matrix elements of low lying collective states / Werner, V. ; von Brentano, P. ; Jolos, R.V. [nucl-ex/0105009]
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