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Automatic correction of the spatial array of a secondary-particle beam at an accelerator / Glagolev, V.V. ; Eliseeva, I.A. ; Lebedev, R.M. ; Leonov, L.A. ; Omelchenko, B.D. ; Saitov, I.S. ; Sikolenko, V.F.
System for Measuring Spatial Characteristics of Beam Extracted from Synchrophasotron of the High-Energy Laboratory of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research / Volkov, V.I. ; Eliseeva, I.A. ; Leonov, L.A. ; Sikolenko, V.F.
Automatic Measurement, Monitoring and Correction of the Beam Position in a Linear Accelerator. (In Russian) / Zhuravlev, V.V. ; Zamrii, V.N.
7th CERN School of Computing [CERN-83-03]
External links: CSC home page Fulltext fulltext
Automatization of the monitoring and control of the muon scintillation counters at CDF II / Pukhov, O. ; Artikov, A. ; Prokoshin, F. ; Chokheli, D. ; Pauletta, G. ; Gomez, G. ; Vila, I. ; Bromberg, C.
Reconstruction of muon tracks and selection events from down hemisphere with the array NT-96 / Belolaptikov, I.A. ; Osipova, E.A.
Spatial correlations in deuteron breakup with allowance for final-state interaction / Glagolev, V.V. ; Hlavacova, J. ; Kacharava, A.K. ; Khairetdinov, K.U. ; Ladygina, N.B. ; Lebedev, R.M. ; Mamulashvili, A.G. ; Martinska, G. ; Nioradze, M.S. ; Pastircak, B. ; et al
External links: ADSABS PANUE
Some Problems of Organizing Automatic Control Systems at Accelerators. (In Russian) / Kolpakov, I.F.
Multiplicity of Secondary Particles in Inclusive Hadron-Nucleus Reactions / Grishin, V.G. ; Eliseev, S.M. ; Inogamova, T.Ya. [JINR-P2-8557]
National Automatic Control Conference
Fine-granularity electromagnetic calorimeter using plastic scintillator strip-array / Nagano, A. ; Yamauchi, S. ; Matsunaga, H. ; Kim, S. ; Matsumoto, T. ; Sekiguchi, K. ; Uchida, N. ; Yamada, Y. ; Yamamoto, S. ; Evtukhovich, P. ; et al
Neutron beams from ion accelerators and colliders / Strugalski, Z. [JINR-E1-93-255]
FURTHER EVIDENCE FOR THE ANOMALOUS INTERACTION OF HE-3 SECONDARY NUCLEI WITH PROTONS / Bano, M. ; Glagolev, V. ; Kacharava, A. ; Kravcikova, M. ; Lebedev, R. ; Martinska, G. ; Nioradze, M. ; Pestova, G. ; Rogava, T. ; Rusnakova, E. ; et al
External links: ADSABS SCIDIR e-proceeding
EVIDENCE FOR THE ANOMALOUS BEHAVIOR OF Z = 2 SECONDARY NUCLEI IN HYDROGEN / Bano, M. ; Glagolev, V. ; Kacharava, A. ; Kravcikova, M. ; Lebedev, R. ; Nioradze, M. ; Pestova, G. ; Rogava, T. ; Salukvadze, Z. ; Sandor, L. ; et al
External links: ADSABS SCIDIR e-proceeding
Beam Extraction System of the Synchrophasotron / Buldakovsky, V.N. ; Chernikov, V.I. ; Issinsky, I.B. ; Kirillov, A.D. ; Makarov, L.G. ; Novikov, S.A. ; Omelchenko, B.D. ; Sikolenko, V.F. ; Vasilishin, B.V. ; Volkov, V.I. ; et al
External link: JACOW

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