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Study of Rate Capability of the Thin-Film Drift Tubes (Straws) / Zhukov, I A ; Levretov, K S ; Lucenko, V M ; Mialkovski, V V ; Naumann, Lutz ; Peshekhonov, V D [JINR-P13-2005-126] [P13-2005-126]
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Study of rate capability of the thin-film drift tubes (straws) / Zhukov, I.A. ; Levterov, K.A. ; Lutsenko, V.M. ; Myalkovsky, V.V. ; Peshekhonov, V.D. ; Naumann, L. [JINR-P13-2005-126]
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Time-amplitude characteristics of thin-walled drift tubes (straw) for gas mixtures ArCO2 with additives CF4 and O2 / Lutsenko V. M. ; Mialkovski V. V. ; Peshekhonov V. D.
A prototype coordinate detector based on granulated thin-walled drift tubes / Bazylev, S.N. ; Davkov, K.I. ; Gregor, I. ; Haas, D. ; Mouraviev, S.V. ; Myalkovskiy, V.V. ; Naumann, L. ; Peshekhonov, V.D. ; Rembser, C. ; Rufanov, I.A. ; et al
Spatial resolution of thin-walled high-pressure drift tubes / Davkov, V.I. ; Gregor, I. ; Haas, D. ; Mouraviev, S.V. ; Myalkovskiy, V.V. ; Naumann, L. ; Peshekhonov, V.D. ; Rembser, C. ; Rufanov, I.A. ; Russakovich, N.A. ; et al
Operating properties of straw tube / Alekseev, G.D. ; Bonyushkin, Yu.E. ; Korytov, A.V. ; Malyshev, V.L.
Two-Wire Anodes for the Straw Detectors / Viriasov, K S ; Gusakov, Yu V ; Zhukov, I A ; Peshekhonov, V D ; Savenkov, A A [E13-2005-127] [JINR-E13-2005-127]
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Development of segmented straws for very high-rate capability coordinate detector / Davkov, K. ; Davkov, V. ; Gusakov, Y.V. ; Kekelidze, G.D. ; Myalkovskiy, V.V. ; Peshekhonov, D.V. ; Peshekhonov, V.D. ; Savenkov, A.A. ; Viryasov, K.S. ; Geyer, R. ; et al
The large size straw drift chambers of the COMPASS experiment / Bychkov, V.N. ; Dedek, N. ; Dunnweber, W. ; Faessler, M. ; Fischer, H. ; Franz, J. ; Geyer, R. ; Gusakov, Yu.V. ; Grunemaier, A. ; Heinsius, F.H. ; et al
The ATLAS TRT straw proportional tubes: Performance at very high counting rate / Akesson, T. ; Carling, H. ; Dolgoshein, B. ; Fabjan, C.W. ; Farthouat, P. ; Froidevaux, D. ; Fuchs, W. ; Gavrilenko, I. ; Holder, M. ; Ivochkin, V.G. ; et al
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Production tools to manufacture straw chambers used in multipurpose detector for NICA-MPD project / Kekelidze, V.D. ; Peshekhonov, V.D. ; Topilin, N.D.
TimeAmplitude Characteristics of ThinWalled Drift Tubes (Straw) for Gas Mixtures ArCO$_2$ with Additives CF$_4$ and O$_2$ / Lutsenko, V M ; Mialkovski, V V ; Peshekhonov, V D [JINRP132004143] [P132004143]
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The Parallax calculation method and coordinate corrections for x-ray beams in the detectors based on straw drift tubes / Lobastov, S.P. ; Lysan, V.M. ; Peshekhonov, V.D. ; Smirichinski, V.I. [JINR-E13-99-114]
Some characteristics of the long straw drift tubes / Bychkov, V.N. ; Kekelidze, G.D. ; Ivanov, A.B. ; Livinsky, V.V. ; Lobastov, S.P. ; Lysan, V.M. ; Mishin, S.V. ; Peshekhonov, V.D. [JINR-E13-98-209]
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