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TEST Submit New Thesis / Submit New Thesis ; Submit New Thesis руководитель [THESIS-2014-004]
Fulltext: TXT
ТЕСТ Submit New автореферат / Submit New Thesis автор ; Submit New Thesis руководитель [THESIS-2014-004] [THESISabs-2014-001]
Fulltext: THESISabs-2014-001_Fulltext - TXT THESISabs-2014-001_information - TXT
External link: Fulltext
Problems with interpretation of He-10 ground state / Grigorenko, L.V. ; Korsheninnikov, A.A. ; Zhukov, M.V. [nucl-th/0608054]
Automation and Environment of a Sample of the Modernized Installation YuMO / Kuklin, A I ; Sirotin, A P ; Kirilov, A S ; Islamov, A H ; Petukhova, N V ; Utrobin, P K ; Kovalev, Yu S ; Gordeliy, V I [JINRP13200477] [P13200477]
External link: Fulltext from JINR Dubna
A New Ge-76 double beta decay experiment at LNGS: Letter of intent / Abt, I. ; Altmann, Michael F. ; Bakalyarov, A. ; Barabanov, I. ; Bauer, C. ; Bellotti, E. ; Belyaev, S.T. ; Bezrukov, Leonid B. ; Brudanin, V. ; Buttner, C. ; et al [hep-ex/0404039]

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