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Simple method to extract the information about proton PDFs at the LHC / Golutvin, I.A. ; Skachkov, N.B.
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PDF4LHC meeting // Cern, Geneva, Switzerland - 23 May 2012
Conference Home Page
PDF4LHC Workshop // Hamburg, Germany - 04 Jul 2011
Conference Home Page ; e-mail: katerina.lipka@desy.de
Transversity and T-odd PDFs from Drell-Yan processes with p p, p D and D D collisions / Sissakian, A. ; Shevchenko, O. ; Nagaytsev, A. ; Ivanov, O. [arXiv:0807.2480]
External links: e-proceeding
Progress in the Determination of Polarized PDFs and Higher Twist / Leader, Elliot ; Sidorov, Alexander V. ; Stamenov, Dimiter B. [arXiv:0712.1901]
QCD analysis of the semi-inclusive HERMES and COMPASS data / Shevchenko, O.Yu. ; Akhunzyanov, R.R. ; Lavrentyev, V.Yu.
Working Group on Electroweak precision measurements at the LHC and PDF4LHC // Cern, Geneva, Switzerland - 8 - 10 Oct 2012
Conference Home Page
Standard Model at LHC 2012 // Copenhagen, Danemark - 10 - 13 Apr 2012
Conference Home Page ; e-mail: jeppe.andersen@cern.ch
Probing the Strong Interaction at A Fixed Target ExpeRiment with the LHC beams // Les Houches, France - 12 - 17 Jan 2014
Conference Home Page
Pion-photon transition form factor using light-cone sum rules: theoretical results, expectations, and a global-data fit / Bakulev, A.P. ; Mikhailov, S.V. ; Pimikov, A.V. ; Stefanis, N.G. [arXiv:1108.4344RUB-TPII-04-2011]
External link: Fulltext
Direct extraction of transversity and its accompanying T-odd distribution from the unpolarized and single-polarized Drell-Yan process / Sissakian, A.N. ; Shevchenko, O.Yu. ; Nagaytsev, A.P. ; Ivanov, O.N. [hep-ph/0505214]
External links: DOI PHRVA-D e-proceeding
Transversity and its accompanying T-odd distribution from Drell-Yan processes with pion-proton collisions / Sissakian, A. ; Shevchenko, O. ; Nagaytsev, A. ; Denisov, O. ; Ivanov, O. [hep-ph/0512095]
External links: DOI EPHJA-C e-proceeding
TH/LPCC Institute on SM at the LHC // CERN, Geneva, Switzerland - 1 - 12 Oct 2012
Conference Home Page
Simplification of flavor combinatorics in evaluation of hadronic processes / Boos, E.E. ; Ilyin, V.A. ; Skachkova, A.N. [hep-ph/0004194]
External links: JHEP CERNKEY
Some Remarks on Methods of QCD Analysis of Polarized DIS Data / Leader, Elliot ; Sidorov, Aleksander V. ; Stamenov, Dimiter B. [arXiv:0908.2390CERN-PH-TH-2009-156]
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