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Hydrodynamic Limits of the Boltzmann Equation / Saint-Raymond, Laure.
The aim of this book is to present some mathematical results describing the transition from kinetic theory, and, more precisely, from the Boltzmann equation for perfect gases to hydrodynamics. [...]
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Entropy Methods for the Boltzmann Equation: Lectures from a Special Semester at the Centre Émile Borel, Institut H. Poincaré, Paris, 2001 / / Rezakhanlou, Fraydoun. ; Villani, Cédric. ; Golse, François. ; Olla, Stefano.
Entropy and entropy production have recently become mathematical tools for kinetic and hydrodynamic limits, when deriving the macroscopic behaviour of systems from the interaction dynamics of their many microscopic elementary constituents at the atomic or molecular level. [...]
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7th International Conference on the Discrete Simulation of Fluids / Boghosian, Bruce M
Collective effects influence on the time asymptotics of the hydrodynamic modes in the neutral gases ; 1, analytical singularities of the hydrodynamic modes at small k and z / Barabanenkov, Yu N ; Ozrin, V D ; Shelest, A V [JINR-E17-12300]
Collective effects influence on the time asymptotics of the hydrodynamic modes in the neutral gases ; 2, the behaviour of the hydrodynamic modes at large times / Barabanenkov, Yu N ; Ozrin, V D ; Shelest, A V [JINR-E17-12301]
Applications and Theory of Petri Nets: 32nd International Conference, PETRI NETS 2011, Newcastle, UK, June 20-24, 2011. Proceedings / / Kristensen, Lars M. ; Petrucci, Laure.
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Relativistic heavy-ion collisions within 3-fluid hydrodynamics: Hadronic scenario / Ivanov, Yu.B. ; Russkikh, V.N. ; Toneev, V.D. [nucl-th/0503088]
External links: DOI PHRVA-C e-proceeding
Microscopic solutions of the Boltzmann-Enskog equation in the kinetic theory of hard spheres / Bogolyubov, N N [JINR-E4-8789]
Hydrodynamic view in the NICA energy range / Toneev, V. ; Skokov, V. [arXiv:0809.2413]
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Dynamical phase trajectories for relativistic nuclear collisions / Arsene, I.C. ; Bravina, L.V. ; Cassing, W. ; Ivanov, Yu.B. ; Larionov, A. ; Randrup, J. ; Russkikh, V.N. ; Toneev, V.D. ; Zeeb, G. ; Zschiesche, D. [nucl-th/0609042LBNL-61101]
External links: OSTI PHRVA-C e-proceeding
11th International Conference of Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics and Soft Condensed Matter / Chen Shi Yi ; Sheng, Ping ; Tao, Ruibao
Fistules anales: Utilisation des colles de fibrine / / Abramowitz, Laurent. ; Tarrerias, Anne-Laure. ; Allez, Matthieu. ; Devulder, Franck. ; et al
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Mathematical Foundation of Turbulent Viscous Flows: Lectures given at the C.I.M.E. Summer School held in Martina Franca, Italy, SEptember 1-5, 2003 / / Cannone, Marco. ; Miyakawa, Tetsuro.
Five leading specialists reflect on different and complementary approaches to fundamental questions in the study of the Fluid Mechanics and Gas Dynamics equations. [...]
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Evolution of observables in a numerical kinetic model / Amelin, N.S. ; Lednicky, R. ; Malinina, L.V. ; Pocheptsov, T.A. ; Sinyukov, Yu.M. [nucl-th/0507040]
External links: DOI PHRVA-C e-proceeding
Theta function parameterization and fusion for 3-D integrable Boltzmann weights / von Gehlen, G. ; Pakuliak, S. ; Sergeev, S. [nlin/0305031ITEP-TH-26-03BONN-TH-02-2003]
External links: ADSABS JPAGB e-proceeding

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