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On the history of discovery of electron / Tyapkin, A.A.
Neutrinos / Bilenky, Samoil M. [physics/0103091TUM-HEP-409-01]
External link: CERNKEY
International Conference on History of Basic Discoveries in Particle Physics "Ettore Majorana"
To the history of discovery of the multiple particle production in high energy nuclear interactions / Lyubimov, A.L.
Neutrinos: Past, present, future / Bilenky, Samoil M. [hep-ph/9710251IASSNS-AST-97-54]
External link: CERNKEY
International Conference : Festschrift 40th Anniversary of the Discoveries of the $\pi$ and V Particles / Foster, Brian ; Fowler, Peter H
NATO Advanced Research Workshop on the History of Original Ideas and Basic Discoveries / Newman, Harvey B ; Ypsilantis, Thomas
A Correspondence Between Supersymmetric Yang-Mills and Supergravity Theories / E.T. Akhmedov [DEMO--2014-009]
Fulltext: PDF
International Conference "Neutral Currents Twenty Years Later" / Lutz, A M ; Nguyen-Khac, U
The History of neutrino oscillations / Bilenky, S.M. [hep-ph/0410090]
External links: DOI PHSTB e-proceeding
2nd Symposium on the Foundations of Modern Physics / Lahti, P J ; Mittelstaedt, Peter
From the PS to the LHC - Symposium on 50 Years of Nobel Memories in High-Energy Physics / Alvarez-Gaumé, Luis ; Mangano, Michelangelo ; Tsesmelis, Emmanuel
External link: Related document e-proceeding
Symposium on Prestigious Discoveries at CERN : 1973 : Neutral currents. 1983 : W & Z Bosons / Cashmore, Roger John ; Maiani, Luciano ; Revol, Jean Pierre Charles [CERN-EP-2003-073] [CERN-TH-2003-281]
External links: Programme Fulltext Talks Conference home page
Meeting on Geometry and Theoretical Physics / Debrus, Joachim ; Hirshfeld, Allen C

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