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Study of complete and incomplete fusion for loosely bound projectiles He-6 and Li-6 on Ho-165 and Er-166 targets / Fomichev, A.S. ; Chudoba, V. ; Daniel, A.V. ; Golovkov, M.S. ; Gorshkov, V.A. ; Krupko, S.A. ; Oganessian, Yu.Ts. ; Popeko, G.S. ; Sidorchuk, S.I. ; Slepnev, R.S. ; et al
Determination of angular momenta in the incomplete-fusion channels of the reactions Ta + $^{22}$Ne and Ir + $^{12}$C / Kamanin, V V ; Kugler, A ; Penionzhkevich, Yu E ; Rüdiger, J [JINR-E7-84-130]
Hyperon accompanied fission with an incompletely equilibrated Lambda particle / Krappe, H.J. ; Pashkevich, V.V.
External links: ADSABS PHRVA-C e-proceeding
Generalized optical potential for weakly bound nuclei. I. Two-cluster projectiles / Denikin, A.S. ; Zagrebaev, V.I. ; Descouvemont, P. [arXiv:0801.4550]
External links: e-proceeding
International Topical Conference on Research Trends in Inertial Confinement Fusion / Brückner, K A
87th International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi" / Moretto, L ; Ricci, Renato Angelo
Feeding of yrast state in $^{89}$Nb / Berinde, A ; David, I ; Trache, L [JINR-E7-86-359]
The emission of prompt neutrons from the spontaneous fission of No-252 and Fm-244 / Svirikhin, A.I. ; Andreev, A.V. ; Dushin, V.N. ; Chelnokov, M.L. ; Chepigin, V.I. ; Gupta, M. ; Isaev, A.V. ; Izosimov, I.N. ; Katrasev, D.E. ; Kuznetsov, A.N. ; et al
Isotopic dependence of fusion cross-sections in reactions with heavy nuclei / Adamian, G.G. ; Antonenko, N.V. ; Scheid, W. [nucl-th/9911078]
External link: CERNKEY e-proceeding
Spectroscopy and single particle structure of the odd-Z heavy elements Lr-255, Md-251 and Es-247 / Chatillon, A. ; Theisen, Christophe ; Bouchez, E. ; Clement, E. ; Dayras, R. ; Drouart, A. ; Gorgen, A. ; Hurstel, A. ; Korten, W. ; Le Coz, Y. ; et al [DAPNIA-06-176]
External links: DAPN EPHJA-A e-proceeding
Spectroscopy of the odd transfermium Md-251 and Lr-255 nuclei using gamma, electron and alpha spectroscopy / Chatillon, A. ; Theisen, Christophe ; Bouchez, E. ; Clement, E. ; Dayras, R. ; Drouart, A. ; Gorgen, A. ; Hurstel, A. ; Korten, W. ; Le Coz, Y. ; et al [DAPNIA-04-299]
External link: FERMILABOTHER
New approach to the nuclear in beam gamma spectroscopy of neutron rich nuclei at N=20 using projectile fragmentation / Lopez-Jimenez, M.J. ; Belleguic, M. ; Stanoiu, M. ; Saint-Laurent, M.-G. ; Achouri, L. ; Angelique, J.C. ; Azaiez, F. ; Bourgeois, C. ; Borcea, C. ; Daugas, J.M. ; et al [GANIL-P-99-08]
Competition between complete fusion and quasi-fission in reactions between massive nuclei : the fusion barrier / Antonenko, N V ; Cherepanov, E A ; Nasirov, A K ; Permyakov, V P ; Volkov, V V [E4-93-262] [JINR-E4-93-262]

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