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International Workshop on From Parity Violation to Hadronic Structure and More ... // Mainz, Germany - 5 - 8 Jun 2002
Conference Home Page ; e-mail: pavi02@kph.uni-mainz.de
Parity Violation in Atomic, Nuclear and Hadronic Systems
External link: Conference home page
On the parity violation effects in deep inelastic lepton-hadron scattering / Bilenky, S M ; Petcov, S T [E2-10809] [JINR-E2-10809]
On the Parity Violation Effects in Deep Inelastic Lepton-Hadron Scattering / Bilenky, Samoil M. ; Petcov, S.T. [JINR-E2-10809]
8th International Workshop on Weak Interactions and Neutrinos / Morales, A
Time reversal invariance and parity violation in neutron reactions. Proceedings, 2nd International Workshop, Dubna, Russia, May 4-7, 1993 / Gould, C.R., (ed.) ; Bowman, J.D., (ed.) ; Popov, Yu.P., (ed.)
International Workshop on Time-reversal Invariance and Parity Violation in Nuclear Reactions / Bowman, J D ; Gould, C R ; Popov, Yu P
Workshop on Parity Violation in Hadronic Systems / Page, S A ; Ramsay, W D ; Van Oers, W T H [TRI-87-3]
Symposium-workshop on Spin and Symmetries / Van Oers, W T H ; Ramsay, W D [TRI-89-5]
13th Topical Conference on Hadron Collider Physics / Acharya, B S ; Mondal, N K ; Narasimham, V S
External link: Conference home page
Workshop on Parity and Time-reversal Violation in Compound Nuclear States // Trento, Italy - 16 - 27 Oct 1995
3rd International Workshop on From parity Violation to Hadronic Structure and More // Milos, Greece - 16 - 20 May 2006
Conference Home Page ; e-mail: pavi06@iasa.gr
Conference on Parity Violation to Hadron Structure and More / Kox, Serge ; Lhuillier, D ; Maas F ; Van de Wiele, J
On present status of R-parity violating supersymmetry / Bednyakov, Vadim ; Faessler, Amand ; Kovalenko, Sergey [hep-ph/9904414]
External link: CERNKEY
Dynamical parity violation in the two-dimensional Yukawa theory / Efimov, G V ; Nedelko, S N [E2-94-489] [JINR-E2-94-489]
External links: Access to fulltext document Access to fulltext document

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