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Proceedings, Workshop on Monte Carlo's, Physics and Simulations at the LHC. Part II: Frascati, Italy, 2006 / Ambroglini, F. ; Armillis, R. ; Azzi, P. ; Bagliesi, G. ; Ballestrero, A. ; Balossini, G. ; Banfi, A. ; Bartalini, P. ; Benedetti, D. ; Bevilacqua, G. ; et al [arXiv:0902.0180]
External links: e-proceedings (part 2 - arXiv) e-proceedings (INFN) Preprint
First three Meetings of the Workshop on Monte Carlo's, Physics and Simulations at the LHC, Part I / Nason, P ; Ambroglini, F ; Armillis, R ; Azzi, P ; Bagliesi, G ; Ballestrero, A ; Balossini, G ; Banfi, A ; Bartalini, P ; Benedetti, D ; et al [arXiv:0902.0293]
External link: Preprint
Quest for precision in hadronic cross sections at low energy: Monte Carlo tools vs. experimental data / Actis, S. ; Arbuzov, A. ; Balossini, G. ; Beltrame, P. ; Bignamini, C. ; Bonciani, R. ; Carloni Calame, C.M. ; Cherepanov, V. ; Czakon, M. ; Czyz, H. ; et al [arXiv:0912.0749BIHEP-TH-2009-005BU-HEPP-09-08CERN-PH-TH-2009-201FNT-T-2009-03FREIBURG-PHENO-09-07HEPTOOLS-09-018IEKP-KA-2009-33LNF-09-14-PLPSC-09-157LPT-ORSAY-09-95LTH-851MZ-TH-09-38PITHA-09-14]
External links: e-proceeding
2nd International Conference on Frontier Science : A Nonlinear World: The Real World / Calame, Carlo M Carloni ; Montagna, Guido ; Ratti, Sergio P
Tevatron-for-LHC Report: Top and Electroweak Physics / Gerber, C.E. ; Murat, P. ; Tait, Timothy M.P. ; Wackeroth, D. ; Arbuzov, A. ; Bardin, D. ; Baur, U. ; Benitez, J.A. ; Berge, S. ; Bondarenko, S. ; et al [arXiv:0705.3251FERMILAB-CONF-07-052-E-T]

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