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New Trends in HERA Physics 2001 / Grindhammer, G ; Kniehl, Bernd A ; Krämer, G ; Ochs, Wolfgang
4th Ringberg Workshop on New Trends in HERA Physics 2003 / Grindhammer, Günther ; Kniehl, Bernd A ; Kramer, Gustav ; Ochs, Wolfgang
External link: Conference home page
Ringberg Workshop on New Trends in HERA Physics / Kniehl, Bernd A ; Krämer, G ; Wagner, A
Ringberg Workshop on New Trends in HERA Physics / Grindhammer, G ; Kniehl, B A ; Krämer, G ; Ochs, W
External link: Conference home page
Inclusive diffractive DIS at HERA / Kapishin, Mikhail [hep-ex/0510037]
Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering and Related Phenomena / D'Agostini, Giulio ; Nigro, A
External link: Conference home page
Q2-evolution of parton densities at small x values. Effective scale for combined H1 and ZEUS F2 data / Kotikov, A.V. ; Shaikhatdenov, B.G. [arXiv:1402.4349]
External links: Fulltext
QCD and diffraction at HERA / Kapishin, M. [hep-ex/0205044]
External link: CERNKEY
J / psi photoproduction at HERA / Fiore, R. ; Jenkovszky, Laszlo L. ; Paccanoni, F. ; Papa, A. [hep-ph/0110405DFPD-01-TH-44DFCAL-TH-01-6BITP-01-20]
External links: CERNKEY PHRVA-D e-proceeding
Measurement of the spin asymmetry in the photoproduction of pairs of high p(T) hadrons at HERMES / Airapetian, A. ; Akopov, N. ; Amarian, M. ; Aschenauer, E.C. ; Avakian, H. ; Avakian, R. ; Avetisian, A. ; Bains, B. ; Baumgarten, C. ; Beckmann, M. ; et al [hep-ex/9907020DESY-99-071]
External links: ADSABS DOI PRLTA DURHAM e-proceeding
QCD Asymmetry and Polarized Hadron Structure Functions / Efremov, A.V. ; Teryaev, O.V. [JINR-P2-84-603]
External links: ADSABS SCIDIR e-proceeding
LHC soft physics and TMD gluon density at low x / Lipatov, A.V. ; Lykasov, G.I. ; Zotov, N.P. [arXiv:1310.7893]
External links: Fulltext e-proceeding
Spin effects and amplitude structure in vector meson photoproduction at small x / Goloskokov, S.V. [hep-ph/0511307]
HERA Workshop, v.2 / Peccei, Roberto D

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