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International Conference on Exotic Nuclei and Atomic Masses / De Saint-Simon, O ; Sorlin, O
2nd International Conference on Exotic Nuclei and Atomic Masses / Sherrill, Bradley M ; Morrissey, D J ; Davids, Cary N
External link: Conference proceedings e-version
Nuclear matrix elements of exotic 0nu beta beta-mechanisms / Simkovic, Fedor
External link: APCPC e-proceeding
27th International School of Nuclear Physics "Ettore Majorana" / Faessler, A
External link: Conference home page
3rd International Conference on Exotic Nuclei and Atomic Masses / Äystö, J ; Dendooven, P ; Jokinen, A ; Leino, M
3rd International Workshop on Applications of Lasers in Atomic Nuclear Research : Hyperfine Structure and Nuclear Moments of Exotic Nuclei by Laser Spectroscopy [JINR-E15-98-57]
International School-seminar on Heavy-ion Physics [D-7-87-68]
19th Rencontre de Moriond / Trân Thanh Vân, Jean
Symposium on Nuclear Shapes and Motions : Festschrift Nix (Ray)
18th International School on Nuclear Physics "Ettore Majorana" / Faessler, Amand
Double beta decay: A problem of particle, nuclear and atomic physics / Simkovic, Fedor
Decay properties of exotic N ~ 28 S and Cl nuclei and the Ca-48/ Ca-46 abundance ratio / Sorlin, O. ; Guillemaud-Mueller, D. ; Mueller, A.C. ; Borrel, V. ; Dogny, S. ; Pougheon, F. ; Kratz, K.-L. ; Gabelmann, H. ; Pfeiffer, B. ; Wohr, A. ; et al
External link: PHRVA-C e-proceeding
Prescission Shapes of Symmetrically Fissioning Very Heavy Nuclei / Pashkevich, V.V. [JINR-E4-87-517]
External link: SCIDIR e-proceeding
International Symposium on Nuclear Fission and Related Collective Phenomena and Properties of Heavy Nuclei // Bad Honnef, Germany - 26 - 29 Oct 1981
4th International Conference on Dynamical Aspects of Nuclear Fission / Beták, E V

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