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Spin effects in pp and $\overline{p}$p scattering at \Sqrt s $<$ 100GeV / Goloskokov, S V ; Kuleshov, S P ; Seljugin, O V [JINR-E2-86-496]
Mechanisms of $\overline{p}$p interaction at low and high energies / Kopeliovich, V B [JINR-E2-86-471]
JINR - CERN School of Physics, v.2 [E12-84-500] [JINR-E12-84-500]
10th Summer Institute on Particle Physics / Mosher, Anne [SLAC-259]
11th International Winter Meeting on Fundamental Physics / Ferrando, A ; Montanet, Lucien
3rd Topical Workshop on Proton-Antiproton Collider Physics / Bacci, Cesare ; Salvini, Giorgio [CERN-83-04]
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$\overline{p}$p annihilation in the dual parton model and perturbative QCD / Kopeliovich, V B ; Zakharov, B G [JINR-E2-87-548]
Instanton effects in the N$\overline{N}$ annihilation / Kochelev, N I [JINR-E2-95-99] [hep-ph/9503249]
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7th Warsaw Symposium on Elementary-particle Physics / Ajduk, Zygmunt
Lipatov's QCD pomeron and S$\overline{p}$pS data on the phase of $\overline{p}$p elastic scattering / Kopeliovich, V B ; Nikolaev, N N ; Potashnikova, I K [JINR-E2-87-918]
Geometrical scaling and energy dependence of proton-proton scattering cross sections at large momentum transfers / Goloskokov, S V ; Kuleshov, S P ; Seljugin, O V [JINR-E2-12923]
New role of spin in high energy hadron scattering / Goloskokov, S V ; Seljugin, O V [JINR-E2-83-448]
Spin and Elastic Scattering at Superhigh Energies / S.V.Goloskokov ; S.P.Kuleshov ; O.V.Seljugin
Selected Topics in ISR Physics / Albrow, Michael G ; Fabjan, Christian Wolfgang ; Jacob, Maurice René Michel [CERN-82-11]
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Predictions of "spin" dynamics mechanism for hadron interactions at superhigh energies / Goloskokov, S V ; Kuleshov, S P ; Seljugin, O V [JINR-E2-86-497]

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