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Ringberg Symposium on Quantum Field Theory : Festschrift Zimmermann (W) / Breitenlohner, P ; Maison, D
Ringberg Workshop on Renormalization of Quantum Field Theories with Nonlinear Field Transformations / Breitenlohner, P ; Maison, D ; Siebold, K
Workshop on Renormalization of Quantum Field Theories with Non-linear Field Transformations / Breitenlohner, Peter ; Maison, D ; Sibold, Klaus
Heisenberg Symposium on Unified theories of Elementary Particles : Critical Assessment and Prospects / Breitenlohner, Peter ; Dürr, Hans Peter
The Bogolyubov renormalization group in theoretical and mathematical physics / Shirkov, D.V. [hep-th/9903073JINR-E2-99-88]
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Symposium on Elementary Particles and the Universe : Festschrift Gell-Mann (Murray) on his 60th birthday / Schwarz, John Henry
Horizons in (1+1)-dimensional dilaton gravity coupled to matter / Filippov, A.T. ; Maison, D. [gr-qc/0210081MPI-PHT-2002-61]
External links: CERNKEY CQGRD e-proceeding
Ringberg Symposium of Science Between Evalutation and Innovation : a conference on peer review / Osborn, Mary
4th SFB-375 Ringberg Workshop on Neutrino Astrophysics / Altmann, M ; Hillebrandt, W ; Janka, H T ; Raffelt, G G [astro-ph-9801320]
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Adriatico Research Conference on Interface between Quantum Field Theory and Condensed Matter Physics : Festschrift ICTP // Trieste, Italy - 20 - 23 Jun 1989
Conference on New Ideas and Techniques in Quantum Measurement Theory : Festschrift Wigner (Eugene Paul)
Symposium Festschrift Bergmann (Peter Gabriel) on his 75th Birthday / De Sabbata, Venzo ; Sánchez, N ; Zichichi, Antonino
2nd International Conference on the Renormalization Group : Festschrift N N Bogolyubov / Shirkov, Dmitri Vasil'evich ; Priezzhev, Vyacheslav B
International Symposium on Quantum Field Theory : Festschrift Umezawa (Hiroomi) / Mancini, F P

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