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Study of the 2n-evaporation channel in the He-4,6 + Pb-206,208 reactions / Lukyanov, S.M. ; Penionzhkevich, Yu.E. ; Astabatian, R.A. ; Demekhina, N.A. ; Dlouhy, Z. ; Ivanov, M.P. ; Kalpakchieva, R. ; Kulko, A.A. ; Markarian, E.R. ; Maslov, V.A. ; et al
EXCITATION FUNCTIONS OF FUSION REACTIONS AND NEUTRON TRANSFER IN THE INTERACTION OF <sup>6</sup>He WITH <sup>197</sup>Au AND <sup>206</sup>Pb / Yu. E. Penionzhkevich ; R. A. Astabatyan ; N. A. Demekhina ; G. G. Gulbekian ; R. Kalpakchieva ; A. A. Kulko ; S. M. Lukyanov ; E. R. Markaryan ; V. A. Maslov ; Yu. A. Muzychka ; et al [JINR-E7-2006-75]
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Charge-State Distributions of Accelerated ^{48}Ca Ions / Skobelev, N K ; Kalpakchieva, R ; Astabatyan, R A ; Vincour, J ; Kulko, A A ; Lobastov, S P ; Lukyanov, S M ; Markaryan, E R ; Maslov, V A ; Penionzhkevich, Yu E ; et al [E7-2003-195] [JINR-E7-2003-195]
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Excitation Functions for Complete Fusion and Transfer Reactions in the Interaction of $^{4}$He Nuclei with $^{197}$Au / Kulko, A A ; Demekhina, N A ; Kalpakchieva, R ; Muzychka, Yu A ; Penionzhkevich, Yu E ; Rassadov, D N ; Skobelev, N K ; Testov, D A [JINR-P7-2006-14] [P7-2006-14]
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Setup for Fission and Evaporation Cross-Section Measurements in Reactions Induced by Secondary Beams / Hassan, A A ; Lukyanov, S M ; Kalpakchieva, R ; Skobelev, N K ; Penionzhkevich, Yu E ; Dlouh?, Z ; Radnev, S ; Poroshin, N V [E7-2002-118] [JINR-E7-2002-118]
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ISOMERIC RATIOS FOR <sup>196,198</sup>Tl AND <sup>196,198</sup>Au FROM FUSION AND TRANSFER IN THE INTERACTION OF <sup>6</sup>He WITH <sup>197</sup>Au / A. A. Kulko ; N. A. Demekhina ; R. Kalpakchieva ; N. N. Kolesnikov ; V. G. Lukashik ; Yu. E. Penionzhkevich ; D. N. Rassadov ; N. K. Skobelev [JINR-E7-2007-86]
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The multiwire proportional chambers coordinate system of MULTI set-up / Asaturian, R.A. ; Astabatian, R.A. ; Kavalov, R.L. ; Markarian, E.R. ; Ivanov, M.P. ; Maslov, V.A. ; Penionzhkevich, Yu.E. ; Sobolev, Yu.G. ; Kugler, A. ; Mikhailov, L. [JINR-P13-98-320]
Fission time scale and viscosity for compound nucleus Th-220 formed in reaction Ar-40 + Hf-180 at Elab=180, 190, 216, and 249 MeV / Rubchenya, V.A. ; Kuznetsov, A.V. ; Trzaska, W.H. ; Vakhtin, D.N. ; Alexandrov, A.A. ; Alkhazov, I.D. ; Aysto, J. ; Khlebnikov, S.V. ; Lyapin, V.G. ; Osetrov, O.I. ; et al
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Production of nuclei in S-32, S-34, S-36 induced reactions in the energy range 6-MeV/A to 75-MeV/A / Tarasov, O.B. ; Penionzhkevich, Yu.E. ; Anne, R. ; Baiborodin, D.S. ; Borcea, C. ; Dlouhy, Z. ; Guillemaud-Mueller, D. ; Fomichev, A.S. ; Kalpakchieva, R. ; Lewitowicz, M. ; et al [GANIL-P-97-31]
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Isomeric ratios for Tl-196,198 and Au-196,198 from fusion and transfer in the interaction of He-6 with Au-197 / Kulko, A.A. ; Demekhina, N.A. ; Kalpakchieva, R. ; Penionzhkevich, Yu.E. ; Rassadov, D.N. ; Skobelev, N.K. ; Kolesnikov, N.N. ; Lukashik, V.G.
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Interaction of gold nuclei with photoemulsion nuclei at energies in the range 100-1200-MeV per nucleon and cascade-evaporation model / Bogdanov, S.D. ; Shablya, E.Ya. ; Kosmach, V.F. ; Plyushchev, V.A. ; Vokal, S.
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INTERACTION OF C-12 NUCLEI WITH 4.5-GeV/c MOMENTUM PER A NUCLEON WITH PHOTOEMULSION NUCLEI AND CASCADE EVAPORATION MODEL OF NUCLEUS - NUCLEAR COLLISIONS. / Marin, A. ; Nyagu, D. ; Haiduc, M. ; Skrzypczak, E. ; Szonert, E. ; Bannik, B.P. ; Pestova, G.D. ; Salomov, D.A. ; Tolstov, K.D. ; Toneev, V.D. ; et al
Energy distribution of ternary alpha particles in spontaneous fission of Cf-252 / Mutterer, M. ; Kopatch, Yu.N. ; Yamaledtinov, S.R. ; Lyapin, V.G. ; von Kalben, J. ; Khlebnikov, S.V. ; Sillanpaa, M. ; Tyurin, G.P. ; Trzaska, W.H.
MULTI: Multimodule spectrometer of light charged particles at the energy region of 16-MeV/A - 230-A/MeV / Sobovev, Yu.G. ; Ivanov, M.P. ; Kalpakchieva, R. ; Kuznetsov, I.V. ; Kushniruk, V.F. ; Lukyanov, S.M. ; Penionzhkevich, Yu.E. ; Smirnov, V.I. ; Tarasov, Yu.B. ; Fomichev, A.S. ; et al [JINR-P13-96-378]
Set-up on the basis of multiwire proportional and ionization chambers for radioactive beam experiments / Astabatyan, R.A. ; Kalpakchieva, R. ; Kavalov, R.L. ; Kugler, A. ; Kuznetsov, I.V. ; Kushniruk, V.F. ; Lobastov, S.P. ; Lukyanov, S.M. ; Markaryan, E.R. ; Maslov, V.A. ; et al [JINR-E13-2002-138]
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