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Neutralino-nucleon interaction in the Split Higgsino scenario of the Dark Matter / Beylin, V.A. ; Kuksa, V.I. ; Vereshkov, G.M. ; Pasechnik, R.S. [arXiv:0903.4201]
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Renormgroup origin and analysis of Split Higgsino scenario / Beylin, V.A. ; Kuksa, V.I. ; Vereshkov, G.M. ; Pasechnik, R.S. [arXiv:0704.0625]
Split light Higgsino from split supersymmetry as providers of the residual SUSY effects / Vereshkov, Gregory M. ; Kuksa, Vladimir I. ; Beylin, Vitaliy A. ; Pasechnik, Roman S. [hep-ph/0510036]
High energy gamma-ray bursts as a result of the collapse and total annihilation of neutralino clumps / Pasechnik, R.S. ; Beylin, V.A. ; Kuksa, V.I. ; Vereshkov, G.M. [hep-ph/0602184]
Diagonalization of the neutralino mass matrix and boson-neutralino interaction / Beylin, V.A. ; Kuksa, V.I. ; Pasechnik, R.S. ; Vereshkov, G.M.
Light superpartners at hadron colliders / Bogachev, D.Yu. ; Gladyshev, A.V. ; Kazakov, D.I. ; Nechaev, A.S. [hep-ph/0510252]
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Relic density of neutralino dark matter in the MSSM with CP violation / Belanger, G. ; Boudjema, F. ; Kraml, S. ; Pukhov, A. ; Semenov, A. [hep-ph/0604150LAPTH-1145-06CERN-PH-TH-2006-063]
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Possibility of chargino search at LEP-2 / Belyaev, A.S. ; Gladyshev, A.V. [hep-ph/9703251JINR-E2-97-76]
Long-lived Charginos in the Focus-point Region of the MSSM Parameter Space / Gladyshev, A.V. ; Kazakov, D.I. ; Paucar, M.G. [arXiv:0811.2911]
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Self-annihilation of the neutralino dark matter into two photons or a Z and a photon in the MSSM / Boudjema, F. ; Semenov, A. ; Temes, D. [hep-ph/0507127LAPTH-1106-05]
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Possibility of Chargino Search at LEP II / Belyaev, A S ; Gladyshev, A V [JINR-E2-97-76] [hep-ph/9703251]
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Superlight neutralino as a dark matter particle candidate / Bednyakov, V.A. ; Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, H.V ; Kovalenko, S.G. [hep-ph/9608241JINR-E2-96-249]
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Possible constraints on SUSY model parameters from direct dark matter search / Bednyakov, V.A. ; Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, H.V. ; Kovalenko, S.G. [hep-ph/9401271JINR-E2-93-447]
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Search for SUSY in the AMSB scenario with the DELPHI detector / Abdallah, J. ; Abreu, P. ; Adam, W. ; Adzic, P. ; Albrecht, T. ; Alderweireld, T. ; Alemany-Fernandez, R. ; Allmendinger, T. ; Allport, P.P. ; Amaldi, U. ; et al [hep-ex/0403047CERN-EP-2003-048]
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On importance of dark matter for LHC physics / Bednyakov, V.A. [hep-ph/0011207]
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