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Superferric rapidly cycling magnets optimized field design and measurement / Schnizer, P. ; Fischer, E. ; Kiesewetter, H.R. ; Knapp, T. ; Mack, T. ; Schnizer, B. ; Akishin, P. ; Kurnyshov, R. ; Shcherbakov, P. ; Sikler, G. ; et al [CERN-09-001]
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Full size model manufacturing and advanced design status of the SIS100 main magnets / Fischer, E. ; Schnizer, P. ; Akishin, A. ; Khodzhibagiyan, H. ; Kovalenko, A. ; Kurnyshov, R. ; Shcherbakov, P. ; Sikler, G. ; Walter, W. [CERN-09-001-147]
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Theoretical Field Analysis for Superferric Accelerator Magnets Using Elliptic Multipoles and its Advantages / Schnizer, P. ; Fischer, E.S. ; Akishin, P.G. ; Schnizer, B. [EPAC08-TUPP105]
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Analysis of the superferric quadrupole magnet design for the SIS100 accelerator of the FAIR project / Fischer, E. ; Moritz, G. ; Khodzhibagiyan, H. ; Kovalenko, A.D. ; Shcherbakov, P.A. ; Kurnyshov, R.
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Magnetic Field Characteristics of a SIS 100 Full Size Dipole / Schnizer, P. ; Fischer, E.S. ; Akishin, P.G. ; Kurnyshov, R.V. ; Schnizer, B. ; Shcherbakov, P.A. ; Sikler, G. ; Walter, Christopher William [EPAC08-WEPD021]
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Full length superferric dipole and quadrupole prototype magnets for the SIS100 at GSI: Status of the design and manufacturing / Kovalenko, A.D. ; Agapov, N.N. ; Alfeev, A.V. ; Khodzhibagiyan, H.G. ; Kuznetsov, G.L. ; Seleznev, V.V. ; Starikov, A.Yu. ; Shabunov, A.V. ; Fischer, E. ; Moritz, G. ; et al
External link: JACOW
Design and Study of a Superferric Model Dipole and Quadrupole Magnets for the GSI Fast-pulsed Synchrotron SIS100. / Fischer, E. ; Moritz, G. ; Agapov, N.N. ; Bartenev, V. ; Donyagin, A. ; Eliseeva, I. ; Khodzhibagiyan, H.G. ; Kovalenko, A.D. ; Kuznetsov, G.L. ; Smirnov, A. ; et al [EPAC-2004-WEPKF057]
External link: JACOW
Conceptual design of a 240-MeV superferric separated orbit cyclotron / Brovko, O. ; Butenko, A. ; Glazov, A. ; Issinsky, I. ; Mikhailov, V. ; Khodzhibagian, G. ; Shabunov, A. ; Sukhanova, A. ; Vasilishin, B.
External link: JACOW
3D Static and Dynamic Field Quality Calculations for Superconducting SIS100 Corrector Magnets / Sugita, Kei ; Fischer, Egbert ; Schnizer, Pierre ; Akishin, Pavel ; Mierau, Anna
External link: JACOW
Design of a twin-aperture 4 T curved dipole based on high current hollow superconducting cables for the NICA collider at JINR / Kovalenko, A. ; Bychkov, A. ; Gromov, A. ; Fischer, E. ; Khodzhibagiyan, H. ; Shabunov, A. ; Schnizer, P. ; Starikov, A. ; Titova, G.
Design Status of the FAIR Synchrotrons SIS100 and SIS300 and the High Energy Beam Transport System / Spiller, P.J. ; Blell, U.B. ; Boine-Frankenheim, O. ; Fischer, E.S. ; Franchetti, G. ; Hagenbuck, F. ; Hofmann, I. ; Kaugerts, J.E. ; Kauschke, M. ; Kirk, M. ; et al [EPAC08-MOPC100]
External link: JACOW
Status of the FAIR SIS100/300 synchrotron design / Spiller, P.J. ; Blell, U. ; Eickhoff, H. ; Floch, E. ; Fischer, E. ; Hulsmann, P. ; Kaugerts, J. ; Kauschke, M. ; Klingbeil, H. ; Konig, H. ; et al [PAC07-TUPAN014]
External link: JACOW
Basic aspects of the SIS100 correction system design / Mikhailov, V.A. ; Alfeev, A.V. ; Butenko, A.V. ; Eliseev, A.V. ; Khodzhibagian, H.G. ; Kovalenko, A.D. ; Kozlov, O.S. ; Seleznev, V.V. ; Starikov, A.Yu. ; Volkov, V. ; et al
External link: JACOW
Neutron dose measurements with the GSI ball at high-energy accelerators / Fehrenbacher, G. ; Gutermuth, F. ; Kozlova, E. ; Radon, T. ; Schuetz, R.
External link: RPDOD e-proceeding
Workshop on Accelerator Magnet Superconductors, Design and Optimization / Todesco, E [CERN-2009-001] [CARE-Conf-08-029-HHH]
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