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Measurement of Sigma beam asymmetry in pi0 photoproduction off the neutron in the second and third resonances region / Di Salvo, R. ; Fantini, A. ; Mandaglio, G. ; Mammoliti, F. ; Bartalini, O. ; Bellini, V. ; Bocquet, J.P. ; Casano, L. ; D'Angelo, A. ; Didelez, J.P. ; et al
First measurement of the Sigma beam asymmetry in eta photoproduction on the neutron / Fantini, A. ; Di Salvo, R. ; Bartalini, O. ; Bellini, V. ; Bocquet, J.P. ; Casano, L. ; Castoldi, M. ; D'Angelo, Annalisa ; Franco, D. ; Gervino, G. ; et al
Limits on light-speed anisotropies from Compton scattering of high-energy electrons / Bocquet, J.-P. ; Moricciani, D. ; Bellini, V. ; Beretta, M. ; Casano, L. ; D'Angelo, A. ; Di Salvo, R. ; Fantini, A. ; Franco, D. ; Gervino, G. ; et al [arXiv:1005.5230]
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Evidence for Narrow N*(1685) Resonance in Quasifree Compton Scattering on the Neutron / Kuznetsov, V. ; Polyakov, M.V. ; Bellini, V. ; Boiko, T. ; Chebotaryov, S. ; Dho, H.-S. ; Gervino, G. ; Ghio, F. ; Giusa, A. ; Kim, A. ; et al [arXiv:1003.4585]
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Why photoproduction of charmonium on nuclei does not measure the charmonium nucleon total cross-section / Benhar, O. ; Kopeliovich, B.Z. ; Mariotti, C. ; Nicolaev, N.N. ; Zakharov, B.G.
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Deep inelastic scattering and final state interaction in an exactly solvable relativistic model / Pace, E. ; Salme, G. ; Lev, F.M. [nucl-th/9802020INFN-ISS-97-11]
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Ultraviolet finiteness in local quantum field theory / Kazakov, Dmitri [ROM2F-90-027C90-04-24]
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Neutrino masses, mixing and oscillations / Bilenky, Samoil M. [hep-ph/0001311]
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A prototype threshold Cherenkov counter for DIRAC / Bragadireanu, M. ; Casano, L. ; Cima, E. ; Dulach, B. ; Gianotti, P. ; Guaraldo, C. ; Iliescu, M.A. ; Lanaro, A. ; Levi Sandri, P. ; Petrascu, C. ; et al
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Electromagnetic form factors of baryons and the Poincare covariance / Pace, E. ; Molochkov, A. ; Salme, G.
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