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Coulomb excitation of Ni-68-28(40) at safe energies / Bree, Nick ; Stefanescu, I. ; Butler, P.A. ; Cederkall, J. ; Davinson, T. ; Delahaye, P. ; Eberth, J. ; Fedorov, D. ; Fedosseev, V.N. ; Fraile, L.M. ; et al [arXiv:0803.0649]
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Early Onset of Ground State Deformation in Neutron Deficient Polonium Isotopes / Cocolios, T.E. ; Dexters, W. ; Seliverstov, M.D. ; Andreyev, A.N. ; Antalic, S. ; Barzakh, A.E. ; Bastin, B. ; Buscher, J. ; Darby, I.G. ; Fedorov, D.V. ; et al
Spin polarization of Al34 fragments produced by nucleon pickup at intermediate energies / Turzo, K. ; Himpe, P. ; Balabanski, D.L. ; Belier, G. ; Borremans, D. ; Daugas, J.M. ; Georgiev, G. ; Santos, F.de Oliveira ; Mallion, S. ; Matea, I. ; et al
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9th International Symposium on Nuclear Astrophysic: Nuclei in the Cosmos / D'Auria, John ; Cederkäll, Joakim ; Fraile-Prieto, L M ; Fynbo, Hans ; Gallino, Roberto
External links: Conference home page e-proceedings from PoS
g-factor measurement of the 9/2+ isomeric state in Ni-65 / Georgiev, G. ; Matea, I. ; de Oliveira Santos, F. ; Lewitowicz, M. ; Tarisien, M. ; Daugas, J.M. ; Meot, V. ; Morel, P. ; Balabanski, D.L. ; Lo Bianco, G. ; et al
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First isomeric quadrupole moment measured in fragmentation reactions: The Case of Fe-61**m(9/2+) / Vermeulen, N. ; Chamoli, S.K. ; Daugas, J.M. ; Hass, M. ; Balabanski, D.L. ; Delaroche, J.P. ; de Oliveira-Santos, F. ; Georgiev, G. ; Girod, M. ; Goldring, G. ; et al
External link: PHRVA-C e-proceeding
Nuclear shape and structure in neutron-rich Tc110,111 / Luo, Y.X. ; Hamilton, J.H. ; Rasmussen, J.O. ; Ramayya, A.V. ; Stefanescu, I. ; Hwang, J.K. ; Che, X.L. ; Zhu, S.J. ; Gore, P.M. ; Jones, E.F. ; et al
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Small angle scattering of polarized protons / Kopeliovich, B.Z. [hep-ph/0211061]
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