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Two-proton radioactivity and three-body decay. IV. Connection to quasiclassical formulation / Grigorenko, L.V. ; Zhukov, M.V. [arXiv:0704.0934]
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Two-proton radioactivity and three-body decay. III. Integral formulae for decay widths in a simplified semianalytical approach / Grigorenko, L.V. ; Zhukov, M.V. [arXiv:0704.0920]
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Two-proton radioactivity and three-body decay. V. Improved momentum distributions / Grigorenko, L.V. ; Egorova, I.A. ; Zhukov, M.V. ; Charity, R.J. ; Miernik, K. [arXiv:1004.3150]
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Two-neutron radioactivity and four-nucleon emission from exotic nuclei / Grigorenko, L.V. ; Mukha, I.G. ; Scheidenberger, C. ; Zhukov, M.V.
Three-body decay of Be-6 / Grigorenko, L.V. ; Wiser, T.D. ; Mercurio, K. ; Charity, R.J. ; Shane, R. ; Sobotka, L.G. ; Elson, J.M. ; Wuosmaa, A. ; Banu, A. ; McCleskey, M. ; et al [arXiv:0812.4065]
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Problems with interpretation of He-10 ground state / Grigorenko, L.V. ; Korsheninnikov, A.A. ; Zhukov, M.V. [nucl-th/0608054]
Problems with the interpretation of the He-10 ground state / Grigorenko, L.V. ; Zhukov, M.V.
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Three-dimensional covariant formulation of two-body problem in quantum field theory / Vinogradov, V.M.
On two-dimensional quasiclassics / Balandin, M P ; Zastavenko, L G [E2-91-133] [JINR-E2-91-133]
Observation of Two-Proton Radioactivity of Mg-19 by Tracking the Decay Products / Mukha, I. ; Summerer, K. ; Acosta, L. ; Alvarez, M.A.G. ; Casarejos, E. ; Chatillon, A. ; Cortina-Gil, D. ; Espino, J. ; Fomichev, A. ; Garcia-Ramos, J.E. ; et al
Possibility to study a two-proton halo in Ne-17 / Grigorenko, L.V. ; Parfenova, Yu.L. ; Zhukov, M.V. [nucl-th/0502034]
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Relativistic field theoretical formulation of the three-dimensional equations for the three fermion system / Machavariani, A.I. [nucl-th/0310089]
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On two-dimensional quasiclassics / Balandin, M.P. ; Zastavenko, L.G. [JINR-E2-91-133]
Three-Dimensional Formulation of the Relativistic Two-Body Problem in Terms of Rapidities / Amirkhanov, I.V. ; Grusha, G.V. ; Mir-Kasimov, R.M. [JINR-E2-9767]
Three-dimensional formulation of the relativistic two-body problem and infinite-component wave equations / Itzykson, C. ; Todorov, I.T. ; Kadyshevsky, V.G.
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