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Analytic perturbative QCD: From t quark to K meson scale / Shirkov, Dmitry
Analytic perturbation theory for quantum chromodynamic observables / Shirkov, D. V. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1863116 (2002j:81272)]
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The analytic approach to quantum chromodynamics / Shirkov, D.V. ; Solovtsov, I.L.
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Large regular QCD coupling at Low Energy? / Shirkov, Dmitry [arXiv:0807.1404]
The issue is the expediency of the QCD notions use in the low energy region down to the confinement scale, and, in particular, the efficacy of the QCD invariant coupling \bar{\alpha}_s(Q^2) with a minimal analytic modification in this domain. [...]
External links: Download fulltext00000 \sl{\small Effective QCD coupling correlating all the data in the range from a few \text{GeV} \ up to a few hundred \text{GeV}. The solid curves correspond to the 2-loop, NLO case. Taken from theBethke paper \cite{Bethke:06}.}; Download fulltext00001 \sl{\small Comparison of singular $\bar{\alpha}_s$ coupling with Euclidean $\alpha_\text{E}$ and Minkowskian $\alpha_\text{M}$ in a few \text{GeV} region. Taken from paper \cite{ShS_PL:98}.}; Download fulltext00002 \sl{\small Euclidean APT coupling $\alpha_E$ in the 1-, 2- and 3-loop cases for the $\overline{\rm MS}$ scheme.Taken from paper \cite{ShS_PL:98}.}}; Download fulltext00003 \sl{\small Comparison of $\alps$ \ from meson spectrum (points with error bars) and 3-loop\ {$\alpha_\text{E}$} at $\Lambda^{(3)}_{n_f=3}=(417\pm 42)\,$ \text{MeV} (3 solid curves). Singular 3-loop $\albars$ coupling (dot-dashed) is excluded by data. Dashed lines correspond to the massive APT version \cite{nest05}with $m\sim 40\,\MeV\,.$ Taken from paper \cite{MilanPRL:07}.}; Download fulltext00004 \small The APT $\alpha_\text{E}(Q^2)$ coupling correlated with the world average vs. $\alpha_s^{exp}$ from the S,P states of the $(q,\bar{q})\,$ system. Evidencefor evolution below 500 \text{MeV}.
Analytic perturbation theory and new analysis of some QCD observables / Shirkov, D.V. [hep-ph/0105317]
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Analytic approach to quantum chromodynamics / Solovtsov, I. L. ; Shirkov, D. V. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR1737361 (2000i:81168)]
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Analyticity properties of three-point functions in QCD beyond leading order / Bakulev, A.P. ; Karanikas, A.I. ; Stefanis, N.G. [hep-ph/0504275JINR-E2-2005-155UA-NPPS-02-05RUB-TPH-04-05]
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Analytic approach in quantum chromodynamics / Solovtsov, I.L. ; Shirkov, D.V. [hep-ph/9909305JINR-E2-99-244]
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Analytic approach to perturbative QCD and renormalization scheme dependence / Solovtsov, I.L. ; Shirkov, D.V. [hep-ph/9711251]
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Ten years of analytic perturbation theory in quantum electrodynamics / Shirkov, D. V. ; Solovtsov, I. L. [ams.org/mathscinet:MR2325871 (2008d:81265)]
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Analytic Perturbation Theory Model for QCD and Upsilon Decay / Shirkov, D.V. [hep-ph/0611048]
Analytic perturbation theory for practitioners and upsilon decay / Shirkov, D.V. ; Zayakin, A.V. [hep-ph/0512325]
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Nonpower expansions for QCD observables at low energies / Shirkov, Dmitry V. [hep-ph/0408272]
e+ e- annihilation at low-energies in analytic approach to QCD / Shirkov, D.V. ; Solovtsov, I.L. [hep-ph/9906495]
External link: CERNKEY
Bound state approach to the QCD coupling at low energy scales / Baldicchi, M. ; Nesterenko, A.V. ; Prosperi, G.M. ; Shirkov, D.V. ; Simolo, C. [arXiv:0705.0329]
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