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The particle dynamics in the electron cooling system based on the modified betatron / Meshkov, I. ; Sidorin, A. ; Smirnov, A. ; Syresin, E. ; Trubnikov, G.
External link: DOI e-proceeding
Focusing system of the modified betatron: Design, technology, manufacturing and test / Ivanov, A. ; Ivashkevich, S. ; Korotaev, Yu. ; Meshkov, I. ; Mironov, S. ; Petrov, A. ; Smirnov, A. ; Sidorin, A. ; Syresin, E. ; Trubnikov, G. ; et al
External link: DOI e-proceeding
The modified betatron prototype dedicated to electron cooling / Korotaev, Yu.V. ; Meshkov, I.N. ; Mironov, S.V. ; Sidorin, A.O. ; Syresin, E.
External link: JACOW
Particle dynamics in a storage ring with a longitudinal magnetic field / Meshkov, I.N. ; Sidorin, A.O. ; Smirnov, A.V. ; Syresin, E.M.
External links: DOI SCIDIR e-proceeding
The Computation of electron cooling process in a storage ring / Lavrentev, A.Yu. ; Meshkov, I.N. [JINR-E9-95-317C95-11-11]
BETACOOL program for simulation of beam dynamics in storage rings / Sidorin, A.O. ; Meshkov, I.N. ; Seleznev, I.A. ; Smirnov, A.V. ; Syresin, E.M. ; Trubnikov, G.V.
Positron storage ring for positronium and antihydrogen generation in flight: The LEPTA project / Meshkov, I.N. ; Seleznev, I. ; Sidorin, A. ; Smirnov, A. ; Trubnikov, G. ; Yakovenko, S.
External link: WEBEDS e-proceeding
Electron cooling: Status and perspectives / Meshkov, I.N.
External links: ADSABS PPNUE PPNUE1
Charge exchange injection into a synchrotron with electron cooling / Meshkov, I.N. ; Sidorin, A.O. ; Stein, H. ; Dietrich, J. ; Kamerdzhiev, V.
External link: 00438
4th Workshop on the Medium Energy Electron Cooling / Meshkov, I N
5th Joint US-CERN School on Particle Accelerators / Dienes, Margaret ; Month, Melvin ; Strasser, Barbara ; Turner, Stuart
The computer simulation of the particle dynamics in the storage ring with strong coupling of transverse modes / Meshkov, I.N. ; Sidorin, A.O. ; Smirnov, A.V. ; Syresin, E.M. ; Titkova, I.V. ; Trubnikov, G.V. ; Zenkevich, P.R.
External link: JACOW
Coherent synchro-betatron oscillations in colliding beams / Aleksakhin, Yu.

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