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Prospects of B/c mesons at the Compact Muon Solenoid / Zhang, Shao-He ; Belkov, A.A. ; Shulga, S. ; Chen, Guo-Ming
External links: ADSABS CPLEE DOI e-proceeding
Study of the background for the 'gamma + jet' process in the CMS detector at low luminosity / Konoplyanikov, V.F. ; Urkinbaev, A.R. ; Kodolova, Olga
External link: 00438
Design and Construction of the BESIII Detector / Ablikim, M. ; An, Z.H. ; Bai, J.Z. ; Berger, Niklaus ; Bian, J.M. ; Cai, X. ; Cao, G.F. ; Cao, X.X. ; Chang, J.F. ; Chen, C. ; et al [arXiv:0911.4960]
Study of the B/s0 ---> J/psi Phi ---> mu+ mu- K+ K- channel with CMS / Ciulli, V. ; Magini, N. ; Ilicheva, T. ; Shulga, S. ; Prokofiev, Kirill ; Speer, T. [CMS-CR-2005-015]
External link: CERNREP e-proceeding
Study of the decay B/s0 ---> J/psi Phi ---> mu+ mu- K+ K- / Ciulli, V. ; Magini, N. ; Wilke, L. ; Speer, T. ; Prokofiev, Kirill ; Shulga, S. ; Ilicheva, T. [CERN-CMS-NOTE-2006-121]
External link: CERNREP
The method of anode wire incident angle calculation of the first muon station (ME1/1) of the Compact Muon Solenoid set-up (CMS) / Movchan, S.A. ; Moisenz, P.V.
Measurement of jets with the CMS detector at the LHC / Heister, A. ; Kodolova, Olga ; Konoplyanikov, V. ; Petrushanko, S. ; Rohlf, J. ; Tully, C. ; Ulyanov, A. [CERN-CMS-NOTE-2006-036]
External link: CERNREP
Study of Drell-Yan dimuon production with the CMS detector / Belotelov, I. ; Golutvin, I.A. ; Lanyov, A. ; Palichik, V. ; Rogalev, E. ; Savina, M. ; Shmatov, S. ; Zykunov, V. ; Bourilkov, D. [CERN-CMS-NOTE-2006-123]
External link: CERNREP
SIMUB: A Monte Carlo generator for physics simulation of B decays / Belkov, A.A. ; Shulga, S.G. [hep-ph/0201283]
External link: CERNKEY
Jet calibration using gamma + jet events in the CMS detector / Konoplyanikov, V. ; Kodolova, Olga ; Ulyanov, A. [CERN-CMS-NOTE-2006-042]
External link: CERNREP e-proceeding
4th Summer School on THE PHYSICS OF LHC Theoretical and Experimental Aspects // Martignano (lecce), Italy - 14 - 19 Jun 2010
Conference Home Page ; e-mail: lhcschool@le.infn.it
BtoVVana: The package for analysis of B/s0 ---> J/psi phi and B/d0 ---> J/psi K* decays / Belkov, A. ; Shulga, S.
Injection of the proton beam into the compact cyclotron with solenoid / Onishchenko, L.M. ; Samsonov, E.
External link: JACOW
On the possibility of discrimination between pi0, eta, omega, K0(S) mesons and a photon based on the calorimeter information in the CMS detector / Bandurin, D.V. ; Konoplyanikov, V.F. ; Skachkov, N.B. [hep-ex/0108050JINR-E2-2001-261]
External link: CERNKEY
Alignment of the first muon station (ME1/1) of the compact muon solenoid set-up (CMS) / Movtchan, S.A. ; Moissenz, K.P. ; Moissenz, P.V. [JINR-P10-2001-50]
Fulltext: PDF
External links: DUBNA2 Fulltext

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