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Extended joint ECFA/DESY study on physics and detector for a linear e+ e- collider. Proceedings, Summer Colloquium, Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 4, 2003 / Ackermann, K. ; Aguilar-Saavedra, Juan Antonio ; Allanach, Benjamin C. ; Ananthanarayan, Balasubramanian ; Andricek, Ladislav ; Anipko, D. ; Antonelli, M. ; Araujo, H.M. ; Asakawa, E. ; Ask, S. ; et al [DESY-PROC-2004-01DESY-04-123DESY-04-123G]
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Les Houches physics at TeV colliders 2005 beyond the standard model working group: Summary report / Allanach, Benjamin C. ; Grojean, Christophe ; Skands, Peter Z. ; Accomando, E. ; Azuelos, Georges ; Baer, H. ; Balazs, Csaba ; Belanger, G. ; Benakli, Karim ; Boudjema, Fawzi ; et al [hep-ph/0602198FERMILAB-CONF-06-338-TSLAC-PUB-11770]
TESLA: The Superconducting electron positron linear collider with an integrated X-ray laser laboratory. Technical design report. Part 6. Appendices. Chapter 1. Photon collider at TESLA / Badelek, B. ; Blochinger, C. ; Blumlein, J. ; Boos, E. ; Brinkmann, R. ; Burkhardt, H. ; Bussey, P. ; Carimalo, C. ; Chyla, J. ; Ciftci, A.K. ; et al [hep-ex/0108012SLAC-REPRINT-2001-042DESY-2001-011DESY-01-011DESY-01-011FADESY-2001-011FAECFA-2001-209DESY-TESLA-2001-23DESY-TESLA-FEL-2001-05]
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