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A Kinetic approach to eta-prime production from a CP odd phase / Blaschke, D.B. ; Saradzhev, F.M. ; Schmidt, S.M. ; Vinnik, D.V. [nucl-th/0110022UNITU-THEP-24-2001]
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Squeezed condensate of gluons and the mass of the eta-prime / Pavel, H.P. ; Blaschke, D. ; Pervushin, V.N. ; Roepke, G. ; Volkov, M.K. [hep-ph/9706528MPG-VT-UR-107-97]
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eta and eta-prime mesons in the Dyson-Schwinger approach using a generalization of the Witten-Veneziano relation / Horvatic, D. ; Blaschke, D. ; Kalinovsky, Yu. ; Kekez, D. ; Klabucar, D. [arXiv:0710.5650JINR-PREPRINT-NO-E2-2007-160]
Kinetic theory of the quantum field systems with unstable vacuum / Smolyansky, S.A. ; Skokov, V.V. ; Prozorkevich, A.V. [hep-th/0310073]
External link: 00438
Heavy flavor kinetics at the hadronization transition / Blaschke, D. ; Burau, G. ; Kalinovsky, Yu. ; Barnes, T. [hep-ph/0112362]
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Radial excitations of scalar and eta, eta-prime mesons in a chiral quark model / Volkov, M.K. ; Yudichev, V.L. [hep-ph/9905368]
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Squeezed condensate of gluons and eta - eta-prime mass difference / Blaschke, D. ; Pavel, H.P. ; Pervushin, V.N. ; Ropke, G. ; Volkov, M.K. [nucl-th/9609059MPG-VT-UR-89-96]
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eta eta-prime PROBLEM: THE CASE FOR GLUEBALL / Govorkov, A.B. [JINR-P2-80-522]
CHIRAL p(4) LAGRANGIANS AND AMPLITUDE OF eta-prime ---> eta 2 pi DECAY / Belkov, A.A. ; Pervushin, V.N. [JINR-P2-86-421]
eta and eta-prime mesons in the Dyson-Schwinger approach using a generalization of the Witten-Veneziano relation / D. Horvatic ; D. Blaschke ; Yu. Kalinovsky ; D. Kekez ; D. Klabucar
Chiral p(4) lagrangians and amplitude of eta-prime ---> eta 2 pi decay / Belkov, A A ; Pervushin, V N [JINR-P-2-86-421]
A Quantum kinetic equation for particle production in the Schwinger mechanism / Schmidt, S.M. ; Blaschke, D. ; Ropke, G. ; Smolyansky, S.A. ; Prozorkevich, A.V. ; Toneev, V.D. [hep-ph/9809227]
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Relativistic quantum kinetic equation of the Vlasov type for systems with internal degrees of freedom / Smolyansky, S.A. ; Prozorkevich, A.V. ; Schmidt, S.M. ; Blaschke, D. ; Roepke, G. ; Toneev, V.D. [nucl-th/9709057]
The 't Hooft determinant resolution of the eta-prime puzzle / Osipov, Alexander A. ; Blin, Alex H. ; Hiller, Brigitte [hep-ph/0410148]
Hadronic spectral function and charm meson production / Blaschke, D. ; Burau, G. ; Barnes, T. ; Kalinovsky, Yu. ; Swanson, E. [hep-ph/0210265]
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