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Could we learn more about HERA high Q**2 anomaly from LEP-200 and TEVATRON? R-parity violation scenario / Belyaev, A.S. ; Gladyshev, A.V. [hep-ph/9807547]
External link: CERNKEY
Could we learn more about HERA high Q**2 anomaly from LEP-2 and Tevatron? / Belyaev, A.S. ; Gladyshev, A.V. [hep-ph/9704343]
Neutrinoless double beta decay and the HERA 'anomaly' / Hirsch, M. ; Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, H.V. ; Kovalenko, S.G.
Chiral and parity anomalies at finite temperature and density / Sisakian, A.N. ; Shevchenko, O.Yu. ; Solganik, S.B. [hep-th/9710022]
External links: DOI SCIDIR e-proceeding
Two-leptonic eta-meson decays and SUSY without R-parity / Bednyakov, V.A.
R-Parity Violation and Supersymmetric Higgs Masses / Gladyshev, A.V. ; Parpalak, R.S. [arXiv:1006.5578]
External links:
Instantons, spin crisis and high Q**2 anomaly at HERA / Kochelev, N.I. [hep-ph/9710540]
External link: CERNKEY
MSSM predictions of the neutral Higgs boson masses and LEP II production cross sections / Gladyshev, A V ; Kazakov, D I ; de Boer, Wim ; Burkart, G ; Ehret, R [IEKP-KA-96-03] [JINR-E2-95-401] [hep-ph/9603346]
External links: Access to fulltext document Access to fulltext document
Neutrino oscillations and R-parity violating supersymmetry / Haug, O. ; Vergados, J.D. ; Faessler, Amand ; Kovalenko, S. [hep-ph/9909318]
External link: CERNKEY e-proceeding
28th Internationale Universitatswochen fur Kernphysik / Latal, Heimo ; Mitter, Heinrich
A possible instanton mechanism for the large Q**2 anomaly at HERA / Kochelev, N.I.
Light superpartners at hadron colliders / Bogachev, D.Yu. ; Gladyshev, A.V. ; Kazakov, D.I. ; Nechaev, A.S. [hep-ph/0510252]
External links: DOI IMPAE-A e-proceeding
Search for squark production in R parity violating supersymmetry at HERA / Aktas, A. ; Andreev, V. ; Anthonis, T. ; Asmone, A. ; Babaev, A. ; Backovic, S. ; Bahr, J. ; Baranov, P. ; Barrelet, E. ; Bartel, W. ; et al [hep-ex/0403027DESY-04-025]
External links: EPJC PDGLIV e-proceeding
HERA Workshop, v.2 / Peccei, Roberto D
8th Lake Louise Winter Institute / Astbury, Alan ; Campbell, Bruce A ; Khanna, F C ; Pinfold, James L

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