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Recent developments on the STAR detector system at RHIC / Wieman, H. ; Adams, D.L. ; Added, N. ; Agakishiev, G. ; Akimenko, S.A. ; Aluyshin, A. ; Aluyshin, M. ; Amelin, N. ; Anderson, B. ; Anderson, G. ; et al
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Kay Kay Gee Day : Klaus Kinder-Geiger Memorial Workshop on Rhic Physics and Beyond
External link: Conference proceedings e-version
Crystal-assisted extraction of Au ions from RHIC and application of the Au beam for the search of anomalous Cherenkov radiation / Vodopianov, A.S. ; Ivanshin, Yu.I. ; Lobanov, V.I. ; Tatarinov, I.I. ; Tyapkin, A.A. ; Tyapkin, I.A. ; Zinchenko, A.I. ; Zrelov, V.P. ; Bogdanov, A.A. ; Kaplin, V.A. ; et al
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Elliptic flow in Au + Au collisions at (S(NN))**(1/2) = 130 GeV / Ackermann, K.H. ; Adams, N. ; Adler, C. ; Ahammed, Z. ; Ahmad, S. ; Allgower, C. ; Amsbaugh, John F. ; Anderson, M. ; Anderssen, E. ; Arnesen, H. ; et al [nucl-ex/0009011]
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