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Light cone dynamics and nuclear effects in hard reactions: DIS, Drell-Yan pairs, heavy flavor production / Kopeliovich, B.
Diffractive production of Drell-Yan pairs and heavy flavors / Kopeliovich, B.
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Diffraction: From DIS to Drell-Yan pair and heavy flavor production / Kopeliovich, B.Z. [hep-ph/9806283MPIH-V18-1998]
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Soft component of hard reactions and nuclear shadowing / Kopeliovich, B. [hep-ph/9609385]
Energy loss versus shadowing in the Drell-Yan reaction on nuclei / Johnson, M.B. ; Kopeliovich, B.Z. ; Potashnikova, I.K. ; McGaughey, P.L. ; Moss, J.M. ; Peng, J.C. ; Garvey, G. ; Leitch, M. ; Brown, C.N. ; Kaplan, D.M. [hep-ph/0105195]
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Nuclear effects in the Drell-Yan process at very high-energies / Kopeliovich, B.Z. ; Raufeisen, J. ; Tarasov, A.V. ; Johnson, M.B. [hep-ph/0110221LA-UR-01-5770]
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Dynamics and phenomenology of charmonium production off nuclei / Kopeliovich, Boris Z. [hep-ph/9702365]
Heavy flavor production off protons and in a nuclear environment / Kopeliovich, B.Z. ; Raufeisen, J. [hep-ph/0305094LA-UR-03-3079]
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Gluon shadowing and heavy flavor production off nuclei / Kopeliovich, B.Z. ; Tarasov, A.V. [hep-ph/0205151NSF-ITP-02-40]
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Applied High Energy QCD / Kopeliovich, B.Z. ; Rezaeian, A.H. [arXiv:0811.2024CERN-2008-004]
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Evidences for two scales in hadrons / Kopeliovich, B.Z. ; Potashnikova, I.K. ; Povh, B. ; Schmidt, Ivan [arXiv:0708.3636USM-TH-218]
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Interplay of soft and hard interactions in nuclear shadowing at high q**2 and low x / Kopeliovich, Boris ; Povh, Bogdan [nucl-th/9607035MPI-H-V28-1996C95-09-25.2C96-05-30.1]
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High-p(T) hadrons: From SPS via LHC to RHIC / Kopeliovich, B.Z. ; Nemchik, J. ; Schafer, A. ; Tarasov, A.V.
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Nuclear shadowing and coherence length for longitudinal and transverse photons / Kopeliovich, Boris Z. ; Raufeisen, Jorg ; Tarasov, Alexander V. [hep-ph/0003136]
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Bremsstrahlung of a quark propagating through a nucleus / Kopeliovich, Boris Z. ; Tarasov, Alexander V. ; Schafer, Andreas [hep-ph/9808378]
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