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Testing of an assembly of spark chambers with ferrite rings intended for experiments at the synchro-cyclotron / Vishniakov, V V ; Golovin, B M ; Zhuravlev, N Yu ; Korolev, V M ; Osipenko, B P ; Sinaev, A N ; Khamraev, F S [CERN-TRANS-INT-73-9] [JINR-P13-60-45]
Device for reading out information from the ferrite matrices of wire spark chambers / Vishniakov, V V ; Grachev, A G ; Zhuravlev, N Yu ; Sinaev, A N ; Von, K G [CERN-TRANS-INT-74-1] [JINR-P10-58-04]
Equipment in CAMAC Standard for Ferrite Matrix Data Readout from Wire Spark Chambers / Zhuravlev, N.I. ; Sinaev, A.N.
CAMAC Modules for Data Readout from Ferrite Core Matrices of Wire Spark Chambers / Zhuravlev, N.I. ; Sinaev, A.N.
Experimental Investigation of the Reaction p + d --> p + p + n at the Energy of About 650-MeV / Golovin, B.M. ; Korolev, V.M. ; Khamraev, F.Sh. [JINR-P1-9402]
Profile measurements of particle beams in a synchrocyclotron by means of wire spark chambers / Vishnyakov, V.V. ; Demyanov, A.V. ; Roganov, V.S. ; Safroshkina, A.A. ; Sinaev, A.N.
Device for automatic storage and evaluation of experimental information on a synchro-cyclotron / Medved, S.V. ; Moiseeva, V.V. ; Sinaev, A.N. ; Zacher, H.J. ; Chistov, N.A.
Symposium on Spark Chambers
Review of Digital Modules in CAMAC Standard Developed for Research Work at a Synchrotron / Zhuravlev, N.I. ; Li, Zhu Ek ; Nguyen, Manh Sat ; Petrov, A.G. ; Sidorov, V.T. ; Sinaev, A.N. ; Stakhin, A.A ; Churin, I.N.
Correction of pulse-height and -frequency characteristics for the 680-mev synchro-cyclotron / Enchevich, I.B. ; Tomilina, T.N.
Coherent synchro-betatron oscillations in colliding beams / Aleksakhin, Yu.
Semiautomatic line for assembling and testing detectors for the muon system of the ATLAS experiment / Glonti, G.L. ; Gongadze, A.L. ; Gostkin, M.I. ; Dedovich, D.V. ; Evtukhovich, P.G. ; Zhemchugov, A.S. ; Zhuravlev, V.V. ; Kotov, S.A. ; Kroha, H. ; Manz, A. ; et al [JINR-P13-2001-218]
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OPERATION OF MULTIGAP PROJECTION TYPE SPARK CHAMBERS / Golovin, B.M. ; Gornushkin, Yu.A. ; Nadezhdin, V.S. ; Petrov, N.I.
Device for Studying p d, p n Reactions at 400-MeV Energies / Golovin, B.M. ; Korolev, V.M. ; Khamraev, F.Sh. [JINR-13-9449]
New method for the collection of data from spark chambers / Karzhavin, Yu.A. ; Matyushin, A.T. ; Matyushin, V.T. ; Khachaturyan, M.N.

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