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The Widths of magnetic twist modes / Molodtsova, I.V. ; Bastrukov, S.I. ; Shilov, V.M. [JINR-E4-92-542]
The widths of magnetic twist modes / Molodtsova, I V ; Bastrukov, S I ; Shilov, V M [E4-92-542] [JINR-E4-92-542]
Excitation of collective M lambda, T = 0 modes of the orbital nature by inelastically scattered electrons / Bastrukov, S.I. ; Molodtsova, I.V. ; Shilov, V.M. [JINR-P4-94-68]
Integral characteristic parameters of the giant M-1 resonance / Bastrukov, S.I. ; Molodtsova, I.V. ; Shilov, V.M.
External link: PHRVA-C e-proceeding
The Isoscalar 4- and 5- giant resonances in spherical nuclei / Bastrukov, S.I. ; Baldushev, E.B. ; Molodtsova, I.V. ; Bodryshev, M.L. ; Papykin, A.V. [JINR-P4-91-167]
Dipole torus mode in nuclear fluid dynamics / Bastrukov, S.I. ; Misicu, S. ; Sushkov, A.V. [JINR-E4-92-521]
External links: DOI SCIDIR e-proceeding
VIBRATIONAL 1+, 2+, 3+ AND 4+ EXCITATIONS IN SPHERICAL NUCLEI / Balbutsev, E.B. ; Bastrukov, S.I. ; Mikhailov, I.N. ; Sinichkin, V.P. ; Shekhter, L.Sh. [JINR-P4-89-125]
Dipole torus mode in nuclear fluid-dynamics / Bastrukov, S I ; Misicu, S ; Sushkov, A V [E4-92-521] [JINR-E4-92-521]
Collective 1- excitations with Skyrme forces / Balbutsev, E.B. ; Piperova, J. ; Durand, M. ; Molodtsova, I.V. ; Unzhakova, A.V. [JINR-E4-93-202]
Twist mode in spherical alkali metal clusters / Nesterenko, V.O. ; Marinelli, J.R. ; de Souza Cruz, F.F. ; Kleinig, W. ; Reinhard, P.G. [cond-mat/0010030]
External links: ADSABS CERNKEY DOI PRL PRLTA e-proceeding
Elasticity of nuclear continuum as a principal macrodynamical promoter of electric dipole pygmy resonance / Bastrukov, S.I. ; Molodtsova, I.V. ; Misicu, S. ; Chang, H-K. ; Podgainy, D.V. [arXiv:0804.0068]
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Quasipotential of two particle system and the infrared singularities / Boikova, N.A. ; Dvoeglazov, V.V. ; Tyukhtyaev, Yu.N. ; Faustov, R.N. [JINR-P2-90-529]
Calculation of the Higgs boson decay widths into boson pairs / Bardin, D.Yu. ; Khristova, P.Kh. ; Vilensky, B.M. [JINR-P2-91-140]
Inertial mechanism: Dynamical mass as a source of particle creation / Filatov, A.V. ; Prozorkevich, A.V. ; Smolyansky, S.A. ; Toneev, V.D. [arXiv:0710.0233]
Eigenmodes of seismic elastic vibrations of quaking neutron star encoded in QPOs on light curves of SGR flares / Bastrukov, Sergey ; Chang, Hsiang-Kuang ; Molodtsova, Irina ; Chen, Gwan-Ting [arXiv:0710.3815]

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