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Spin effects in high p(t)**2 proton proton elastic scattering: Proposal to Fermilab / Krisch, A.D. ; Anferov, V.A. ; Baiod, R. ; Bywater, J.A. ; Chu, C.M. ; Courant, E.D. ; Crabb, D.G. ; Crandell, D.B. ; Derbenev, Ya.S. ; Duryea, J.W. ; et al [FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0858]
Acceleration of polarized protons to 820-GeV at HERA / Alekseeva, L.V. ; Anferov, V.A. ; Blinov, B.B. ; Bywater, J.A. ; Caussyn, D.D. ; Courant, E.D. ; Crabb, D.G. ; Crandell, D.A. ; Derbenev, Ya.S. ; Gladycheva, S.E. ; et al [UM-HE-96-20]
SPIN: Letter of intent / Anferov, V.A. ; Baiod, R. ; Bywater, J.A. ; Courant, E.D. ; Grabb, D.G. ; Derbenev, Ya.S. ; Kaufman, W.A. ; Krisch, A.D. ; Lin, A.M.T. ; O'Donnell, T.W. ; et al [FPRINT-92-21]
External link: FERMILABOTHER
SPIN at U-70: An experiment to measure the analyzing power A(n) in very-high-P(T)**2 p p elastic scattering at 70-GeV / Luppov, V.G. ; Alekseeva, L.V. ; Anferov, V.A. ; Courant, E.D. ; Derbenev, Ya.S. ; Fidecaro, G. ; Fidecaro, M. ; Khiari, F.Z. ; Koutin, S.V. ; Krisch, A.D. ; et al
External link: APCPC e-proceeding
A Study of one spin asymmetries in p p (polarized) and pi- p (polarized) interactions at 70-GeV/c and 40-GeV/c / Akimenko, S. ; Alekseev, G. ; Arestov, Yu. ; Belousov, V. ; Chuiko, B. ; Grishin, V. ; Derevshchikov, A. ; Davidenko, A. ; Erin, S. ; Kachanov, V. ; et al [IFVE-97-58IHEP-97-58]
External link: IHEP

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