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The super fixed target beauty facility at the SSC / Anassontzis, S.E. ; Angelov, N.S. ; Antoniazzi, L. ; Arenton, M. ; Asmolov, A.G. ; Avignone, F. ; Bagdasarov, S.L. ; Ballagh, H.C. ; Bingham, H. ; Block, M. ; et al
External links: ADSABS SCIDIR e-proceeding
An expression of interest in a super fixed target beauty facility (SFT) at the Superconducting Super Collider / Cox, B. ; Anassontzis, S.E. ; Ioannu, P. ; Katsenevas, S. ; Kourkoumelis, C. ; Kalkanis, G. ; Premantiotis, T. ; Manousakis-Katsikakis, A. ; Resvanis, L.K. ; Spentzouris, P. ; et al [SSC-EOI0014DOE-ER-40518-T1]
External link: KEKSCAN
SSC Fixed Target Workshop
Symposium on the Superconducting Super Collider : The project, the progress, the physics [SSCL-SR-1213]
3rd Annual SSC Fall Meeting : SSC: the Project, the Progress, the Physics // Corpus Christi, TX, USA - 13 - 17 Oct 1991
5th International Industrial Symposium on the Super Collider / Hale, Phyllis
1st International Workshop on B Physics at Hadron Machines (UNK B-Workshop) / Schlein, Peter E
2nd DPF Summer Study on the Design and Utilization of the Superconducting Super Collider / Donaldson, Rene ; Morfín, Jorge G
Workshop on Accelerator Physics Issues for a Superconducting Super Collider / Tigner, Maury [UM-HE-84-1]
Workshop on High-sensitivity Beauty Physics at Fermilab / Slaughter, Anna Jean ; Lockyer, Nigel ; Schmidt, Michael
A Proposal to continue the study of beauty and charm states in 800-GeV/c p N interactions / Alexopoulos, T. ; Arenton, M. ; Bagdasarov, S. ; Ballagh, C. ; Bingham, H. ; Block, M. ; Bonomi, G. ; Budagov, J. ; Cao, Z.L. ; Cataldi, G. ; et al [FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0867-REV2FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0867-REV1FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0867]
Measurement of the b anti-b production cross section in 920-GeV fixed-target proton-nucleus collisions at the HERA-B detector / Lanyov, A.
External links: ADSABS LNPHA
Workshop on High-energy Physics with Colliding Beams, v.1 / Rogers, Jeanne [SLAC-428] [UC-414]
Workshop on SPS Fixed-target Physics in the Years 1984-1989 / Mannelli, Italo [CERN-83-02-V-1]
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Workshop: from Colliders to Super Colliders / Barger, Vernon D ; Halzen, Francis

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