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Development and construction of a multilayer drift chamber prototype (MDC-2) for the HADES spectrometer / Glonti, L.N. ; Zanevsky, Yu.V. ; Petrov, A.G. ; Smykov, L.P. ; Fateev, O.V. ; Chernenko, S.P. [JINR-P13-2000-80]
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Elliptic flow in Au + Au collisions at (S(NN))**(1/2) = 130 GeV / Ackermann, K.H. ; Adams, N. ; Adler, C. ; Ahammed, Z. ; Ahmad, S. ; Allgower, C. ; Amsbaugh, John F. ; Anderson, M. ; Anderssen, E. ; Arnesen, H. ; et al [nucl-ex/0009011]
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Fast method for searching for tracks in multilayer drift chambers of HADES spectrometer / Agakishiev, G.N. ; Zanevsky, Yu.V. ; Nekhaev, A.G. ; Pechenov, V.N. ; Smykov, L.P. ; Fateev, O.V. ; Chernenko, S.P.
Development and investigation of low-mass multilayer drift chambers (MDC-2) for inner part of the HADES spectrometer / Chernenko, S.P. ; Agakishiev, G.N. ; Chepurnov, V.F. ; Fateev, O.V. ; Glonti, L.N. ; Petrov, A.G. ; Pechenov, V.N. ; Smykov, L.P. ; Zanevsky, Yu.V. ; Bokemeyer, H. ; et al
Parallax-free X-ray area detector with high spatial resolution / Zanevsky, Yu.V. ; Chernenko, S.P. ; Cheremukhina, G.A. ; Donets, D.E. ; Fateev, O.V. ; Smykov, L.P. ; Vasilev, S.E. ; Kheiker, D.M. ; Andrianova, M.E. ; Sulyanov, S.N.
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Two coordinate minidrift chamber operating in a selfquenching streamer mode / Chernenko, S.P. ; Smykov, L.P. ; Stelzer, H. ; Zanevsky, Yu.V. [JINR-E13-93-258]
Automatic linear X-ray detector for investigation of the dynamics of the fast processes / Vasilev, S.E. ; Donets, D.E. ; Zanevsky, Yu.V. ; Ivanov, A.B. ; Smykov, L.P. ; Cheremukhina, G.A. ; Chernenko, S.P. [JINR-P13-93-399]
DESIGN IMAGE DETECTOR BASED ON A CCD MATRIX / Vasilev, S.E. ; Zanevsky, Yu.V. ; Ivanov, A.B. ; Smykov, L.P. ; Cheremukhina, G.A. [JINR-P13-89-501]
SOME CHARACTERISTICS OF A MULTISTEP LOW PRESSURE CHAMBER / Zanevsky, Yu.V. ; Peshekhonov, V.D. ; Smykov, L.P. [JINR-P13-84-563]
MULTIWIRE PROPORTIONAL LOW PRESSURE CHAMBER WITH A HIGH GAS AMPLIFICATION COEFFICIENT / Abdushukurov, D.A. ; Zanevsky, Yu.V. ; Movchan, S.A. ; Netushil, T. ; Peshekhonov, V.D. ; Smykov, L.P. [JINR-P13-82-812]
Development and Construction of a Multilayer Drift Chamber Prototype (MDC2) for the HADES Spectrometer / Glonty, L N ; Zanevsky, Yu V ; Petrov, A G ; Smykov, L P ; Fateev, O V ; Chernenko, S P [JINRP13200080] [P13200080]
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