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Background conditions in the TGV spectrometer to search for double beta decay / Brudanin, V.B. ; Vylov, Ts. ; Rukhadze, N.I. ; Salamatin, A.V. ; Stekl, I. ; Egorov, V.G. ; Kovalenko, V.E. ; Kovalik, A. ; Revenko, A.V. ; Timkin, V.V. ; et al
The high sensitivity double beta spectrometer TGV / Vylov, Ts. ; Brudanin, V.B. ; Rukhadze, N. ; Salamatin, A. ; Stekl, I. ; Egorov, V. ; Kovalenko, V. ; Kovalik, A. ; Vorobel, V. ; Timkin, V. ; et al
Search for deeply bound pionic atoms with high purity germanium tagging spectrometer / Chernyshev, B.A. ; Dovgun, S.V. ; Gornov, M.G. ; Grebenev, V.N. ; Gurov, Yu.B. ; Katulina, S.L. ; Sandukovsky, V.G. ; Shafigullin, R.R. [JINR-E13-94-198]
External link: CERNKEY
The Investigation of the performances of semiconductor microstrip detectors / Amelin, A.I. ; Besfamilnov, S.V. ; Budagov, Yu.A. ; Gornov, M.G. ; Gurov, Yu.B. ; Ilin, A.L. ; Morokhov, P.V. ; Osipenko, B.P. ; Pechkurov, V.A. ; Savelev, V.I. ; et al [JINR-P13-91-134]
Study of threshold effects, hadronic resonances and rare meson decays at ITEP accelerator storage ring / Afonasev, V.N. ; Akimov, D.Yu. ; Alekseev, N.N. ; Belyaev, I.M. ; Besfamilnov, S.V. ; Bobchenko, B.M. ; Bogdanov, V.A. ; Bolozdynya, A.I. ; Bolshakov, A.E. ; Borisov, V.S. ; et al
Semiconductor track detectors. (In Russian) / Sandukovsky, V.G. ; Savelev, V.I.
Semiconductor microstrip detector with a resistive layer / Barabash, L.S. ; Belcarz, E. ; Gurov, Yu.B. ; Maltsev, E.I. ; Meszaros, L.P. ; Petukhov, Yu.P. ; Pimenov, A.G. ; Sandukovsky, V.G.
External link: SCIDIR e-proceeding
TWO ARM SEMICONDUCTOR SPECTROMETER FOR CHARGED PARTICLES FOR THE INVESTIGATION OF ABSORPTION BY NUCLEI OF STOPPED NEGATIVE PIONS / Gornov, M.G. ; Gurov, Yu.B. ; Lukin, A.S. ; Morokhov, P.V. ; Pechkurov, V.A. ; Pichugin, A.P. ; Savelev, V.I. ; Shafigullin, R.R. ; Sergeev, F.M. ; Khomutov, A.A. ; et al
External link: SCIDIR
Investigation of Internal Amplification Effect at Planar ($p^{+}nn^{+}$) Structures Made of High Resistivity Silicon / Golubkov, S A ; Gurov, Yu B ; Gusev, K N ; Egorov, N N ; Zamiatin, N I ; Katulina, S L ; Kozlov, Yu F ; Konkov, K A ; Sandukovsky, V G ; Sidorov, A I ; et al [JINRP13200426] [P13200426]
External link: Fulltext from JINR Dubna
Silicon Telescope Detectors / Gurov, Yu B ; Katulina, S L ; Sandukovsky, V G ; Yurkovski, J [JINR-P13-2005-13] [P13-2005-13]
Fulltext: PDF
External links: Fulltext from JINR Dubna Fulltext
Search for deeply bound pionic atoms with high-purity germanium tagging spectrometer / Chernyshev, B A ; Dovgun, S V ; Gornov, M G ; Grebenev, V N ; Gurov, Yu B ; Katulina, S L ; Sandukovsky, V G ; Shafigullin, R R [JINR-E13-94-198]
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Experimental study of alpha-fission fragment correlations in the $^{232}$Th($^{12}$C, alpha.f) reaction / Augustyniak, W ; Borcea, C ; Lewitowicz, M ; Chau, N H ; Penionzhkevich, Yu E ; Sandukovsky, V G ; Sowinski, M ; Chojnacki, S [JINR-E7-86-732]

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