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A Precision Measurement of Charm Dimuon Production in Neutrino Interactions from the NOMAD Experiment / Samoylov, O. ; Petti, R. ; Alekhin, S. ; Astier, P. ; Autiero, D. ; Baldisseri, A. ; Baldo-Ceolin, M. ; Banner, M. ; Bassompierre, G. ; Benslama, K. ; et al [arXiv:1308.4750]
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A Study of quasi-elastic muon neutrino and antineutrino scattering in the NOMAD experiment / Lyubushkin, V ; Popov, B ; Kim, J J ; Camilleri, L ; Levy, J M ; Mezzetto, M ; Naumov, D ; Alekhin, S ; Astier, P ; Autiero, D ; et al [arXiv:0812.4543]
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A Precise measurement of the muon neutrino-nucleon inclusive charged current cross-section off an isoscalar target in the energy range 2.5 < E(nu) < 40-GeV by NOMAD / Wu, Q. ; Mishra, Sanjib Ratan ; Godley, A. ; Petti, R. ; Alekhin, S. ; Astier, P. ; Autiero, D. ; Baldisseri, Alberto ; Baldo-Ceolin, M. ; Banner, M. ; et al [arXiv:0711.1183]
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